NCD Metropolitan Superintendent Commander

Revoke club’s trading licence: Police

It seems there are now numerous complaints about loud noise coming from these premises. 

The White House Club has been known to facilitate after parties in Port Moresby well into daylight.

While well-established clubs close off at 4 or 5 in the morning, party goers who wish to extend their club hopping often end up there.

The club is situated at the settlement along the Five-Mile, Six-Mile area and the Gordon’s residential areas.

Stand up against thugs, residents encouraged

He was speaking in relation to the recent criminal attacks at the 2018 Fun Run event in Port Moresby.

N’Dranou said organisers of big events should not always be blamed for the misdemeanour of the few youths that cause trouble.

He said while leaders try their best to keep these youths in line, it is always an attitude problem.

The NCD Metropolitan Superintendent Commander said with a huge manpower problem in the force, police cannot be at all places at once.

Gordon eviction will be dealt with: N’Dranou

He was queried on the part of the police following the eviction of two families who were forcefully removed from their Gordon’s homes, which they claim to have occupied for more than 30 years.

It was alleged that fully armed police officers arrived in a convoy of vehicles and carried out the exercise.

The Commander stated in an interview yesterday evening that the incident had already occurred and it was beyond their control. However, they will deal with this issue after the New Year.

Fairly quiet so far: Police

Apart from minor motor vehicle accidents caused by intoxicated drivers, the National Capital District police boss hopes the trouble-free period is maintained.

NCD metropolitan superintendent commander, Perou N’Dranou, says Christmas is seen by many as a time for celebration and gatherings.

And while there is nothing wrong with this, he said there needs to be control.

He added that he is happy that all is going well and that this festive season has been very quiet with a more civilised approach by residents.

Turi wants Kalaut sidelined

This follows the suspected arson incident on Thursday, 05th of October, which almost saw the destruction of the two-storey police building at Boroko Police Station.

The building accommodates the NCD Commander’s office space, prosecutions and the Criminal Investigation Department.

Kalaut should be sidelined for thorough investigations to take place, reasons Turi.

The blame should not be shifted on the key suspect (clerk) alone. Although investigations may prove otherwise, the commander himself should also be investigated.