Another medical doctor attacked

National Doctors Association president, Dr James Naipao, said Dr. Akule Danlop was returning home after attending to an emergency surgery at the Port Moresby General Hospital when he was allegedly attacked in the early hours of yesterday morning (14/07/18).

This was around 1-2am at Boroko.

During the incident, he sustained closed injuries to his left forearm.

“Dr. Danlop is a young general surgeon who is doing his higher post-masters studies in plastic surgery,” said Dr Naipao.

Stand up against thugs, residents encouraged

He was speaking in relation to the recent criminal attacks at the 2018 Fun Run event in Port Moresby.

N’Dranou said organisers of big events should not always be blamed for the misdemeanour of the few youths that cause trouble.

He said while leaders try their best to keep these youths in line, it is always an attitude problem.

The NCD Metropolitan Superintendent Commander said with a huge manpower problem in the force, police cannot be at all places at once.