Turi wants Kalaut sidelined

The NCD Metropolitan Superintendent Commander, Ben Turi, is now calling for the NCD Central commander Sylvester Kalaut to be sidelined.

This follows the suspected arson incident on Thursday, 05th of October, which almost saw the destruction of the two-storey police building at Boroko Police Station.

The building accommodates the NCD Commander’s office space, prosecutions and the Criminal Investigation Department.

Kalaut should be sidelined for thorough investigations to take place, reasons Turi.

The blame should not be shifted on the key suspect (clerk) alone. Although investigations may prove otherwise, the commander himself should also be investigated.

Turi said at this moment, the incident was alleged to have been caused with motive to destroy evidence leading to the election monies confiscated from then NCD RO Terence Hetinu.

The cash, amounting to over K180,000, went missing during the fire.

Although in a press conference, Commander Kalaut had revealed that a portion of the money had been discovered in the bedroom of the key suspect following the fire, Turi still maintains that this would not have been the case if the commander had not put his trust in a civilian. The clerk should not have been given the key to the safe.

He said the monies alone provide a strong motive behind this matter, however there is the consideration of important files, including prosecution files, police disciplinary and file cases belonging to CID which could have all been lost if the fire had spread.

Turi believes this is a not a mere arson case; this case needs to be looked into thoroughly. This is the reason why the sidelining call should be taken seriously.

The police boss says an audit into cost in police operations during election for the commander’s office was set to be conducted on Monday; the arson happening just days away is very suspicious.

Turi says he will act as a complainant for the arson case and will maintain strongly that the commander be sidelined for investigations.

(Turi, left, is calling for Kalaut to be sidelined)

Imelda Wavik
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