Paraka case

Manning updates Paraka’s investigation

The update is following the recent decision by the National Court on the matter, and the ongoing investigations into other individuals involved in the corrupt dealings and efforts to recover misappropriated funds.

“The initial charges of alleged fraud against Mr Paraka were laid in 2013, which were dismissed by the National Court with the ruling citing an abuse of process by the State in failing to provide proof of an illegal transaction,” Mr Manning noted.

“Then again in 2018 similar charges were brought against Mr Paraka which were also dismissed.

Manning Promises Justice

Manning's update comes in the wake of the recent decision by the National Court and highlights the continued efforts to bring all individuals involved in the corruption scandal, to justice.

Degree of corruption ‘disgusting’

“The Maserati deal is just one scandal after another. And we’re asking, when will it stop?

“The process of policing is into question.”

Kramer pointed out the Paraka case, where the case against the Prime Minister was closed, including the Manumanu land deal, where police cleared the implicated Cabinet Ministers of all allegations against them.

PM will appeal court decision

“Due to various inconsistencies with previous rulings and established precedents, we are disappointed with the decision that was handed down and will exercise our legal right of appeal to a higher court,” the Prime Minister said.

“We will continue to challenge these issues because the initial complaint was politically motivated and has serious implications for the transparency of legal process in our country.

“This matter was initiated by Belden Namah and pursued by Don Polye through their complaint for purely political gains.

Judge Sakora voluntarily steps aside as a judge, while denying allegations

Sir Bernard will not hear or sit in any cases at the National and Supreme Court pending the determination of this matter or the allegations of judicial corruption.

Sir Bernard’s lawyer Loani Henao in a media conference made the announcement while sternly denying the allegations that deals with judicial corruption.

Henao says what transpired from the payment of K100,000 to Sir Bernard was a commercial transection between him and Paul Paraka lawyers after his honour put out a public notice for the sale of a vehicle, a Ford Everest Station wagon registration no. BCA-531.

PNG Loop's 5@5

PNG PM ensures Paraka-gate legal vortex gets deeper

Papua New Guinea's prime minister has filed a legal application for the Supreme Court to revisit a decision this week in relation to the so-called Paraka-gate case.