Kramer questions PM on longstanding issues

The Member for Madang, in a recent parliament sitting, called on the Prime Minister to explain whether other APEC economies are facing the same issues as Papua New Guinea.

Among other things, Bryan Kramer asked if the other countries pay their teachers 12 toea a fortnight.

As his supplementary question on November 9th, the Madang MP once again raised the longstanding issues that are affecting average Papua New Guineans on the floor of Parliament.

“Hamaspla i gat polio, hamaspla i gat drug shortij, hamaspla i baim titcha blo ol 12 toea, hamaspla i baim APEC CEO K500,000 – em sidaun lo baksait ya, mi no save, em niupla APEC ofis blo yumi?” Kramer stated whilst pointing across the floor.

“Mi laikim Praim Minista lo eksplein hamaspla lo ol displa kantri weh ol pipol blo ol i nogat drags, titsa ino kisim pei gut, planti lo sait blo meteniti det. Hamaspla lo ol displa kantri?”

In response, Prime Minister Peter O’Neill pointed out that PNG has only been independent for 43 years, hence development will not happen overnight.  

The PM said instead of questioning him, Kramer should have asked his colleagues in the Opposition, as some of them have been in Government for over 17 years.

“Or 20 years, including Mekere’s time in Government. What have you done? Just mismanagement… mismanagement and misappropriation and misuse, Mr Speaker,” stated the PM.

“Mr Speaker, let me tell you, where did you invest the K8 billion surplus that you had? I guarantee you Mr Speaker, I tell the Member for Madang, they did not build one hospital, they did not build one school, they did not build one infrastructure in the country.”

Amid shouts from other MPs and the Speaker calling for order, the Prime Minister said the other 20 APEC members have their own unique challenges.  

“There’s no perfect country in the world but you have no solution you got no brains, Mr Speaker,” continued PM O’Neill.

“Just toktok tasol, na sidaun lo Duffy’s na drink kofi na you think the world is simple.”

(Madang MP Bryan Kramer and PM Peter O’Neill)

Carmella Gware