New police minister’s task

The new Police Minister has been tasked with restoring credibility to the Royal PNG Constabulary.

Madang MP Bryan Kramer was among other MPs who were appointed and sworn in yesterday (June 7th).

“We will be asking of him, in the first instance, to restore credibility to the entire police hierarchy,” said Prime Minister James Marape.

While Kramer’s appointment may come as a result of the call of the people, he now has a mammoth task of cleaning up the police force.

“It’s not only about the Commissioner, it’s not only about a few sections in police but the entire police structure is dysfunctional at the moment. If I can respectfully say, there’s quite a weakness in morale and we need to revamp this at his (Kramer’s) pace,” stated the PM.

“We will be giving him total freedom to ensure that he leaves his mark for the country in making sure police men and police women are proud of their duties.”

Meantime, the current Police Commissioner’s term has expired while Kramer clarifies that he has no say on who will be appointed next.

“I hope to work with the next police commissioner, whoever that he’s going to be; it’s a decision made by Cabinet, it’s not a decision made by me,” said Minister Kramer.

“So there will be submissions – I will have to consult every minister, this is the proposed police commissioner; what are their views; they will vote.

“Even the prime minister doesn’t make the decision; he chairs Cabinet.

“So I understand the police commissioner’s last term has expired and he is now on an interim basis. I will be meeting with the commissioner and deputy commissioners as just an introduction and make it clear I’m not here to give them directions.

“I understand the law; we will follow the law.”

Kramer’s immediate priority now is to ensure the communities are safe for parents and their children.

“Your kids can walk to the shop, they can walk to the school and they can feel safe.”

Sally Pokiton