Parliament rampage 2018

Kramer to file complaint on inflated Parlt cost

He told this newsroom that after doing some fact and figure-checking against the unit cost to replace the damaged facilities, he concluded that the figure indicated in the Damages Assessment Report and tabled in parliament, could only be a scam to siphon money.

Before he went to the media, Kramer shared the information he had gathered on social media.

Yesterday, he came to make his intentions known; that he was filing a complaint with the Ombudsman Commission.

K8.5 million to repair Parlt: Acting speaker

The cause of damages stemmed from the unpaid allowances to police and Correctional Services officers during the APEC Summit. 

Presenting the report today in Parliament, Acting Speaker Jeffery Komal said the actions taken by the disciplinary forces during that time were uncalled for and lacked substance.

He said the unprecedented attack on the people’s house was unnecessary, unwarranted and is a sad sign of disrespect for our national icon and a serious threat to our democracy.

K10-K15m to repair parliament: Speaker

Speaker of the House Job Pomat told media that assessments are currently underway.

After observing for a week the activities that unfolded following the rampage at the parliament house, Parliament Speaker Pomat spoke for the first time regarding the incident.

He opened up the conversation in Tok Pisin, saying part of the cost could include that of the damages done to private property, like cars that belonged to parliament employees.

Police boss ‘aware’ of conspiracy

He alleges the attack on Parliament was part of this conspiracy.

The Police Commissioner and Commander of the Joint Security Task Force, Gari Baki, is of the strong view that the storming of Parliament was not only politically motivated but also part of a plot to take the police commissioner’s post.

Investigate assault of reporters: Firm

PNGFM has reported the assault of a male and female staff whilst covering the storming of Parliament last Tuesday.

During the chaos on November 20th over the delay in payment of APEC allowance, Parliament staff were assaulted including members of the media.

Whilst trying to cover the situation, police and correctional service officers caught sight of the two PNGFM reporters.

In a statement, the radio station said the female reporter was manhandled by a group of police officers who pulled at her shirt, attempting to rip it.

Policemen arrested over Parliament rampage

Police Commissioner Gari Baki said the Policing the Police Task Force Team received credible evidence and arranged a search warrant, which was granted by the District Court.

They then conducted the raid on November 24th.

The 11 policemen, all based in the National Capital District, were arrested, charged and locked up at the Boroko Police Station yesterday by the Policing the Police Task Force Team (PPTF).

Rampage ‘politically motivated’

He says an investigation will soon commence to find out the cause of the unrest and individuals who instigated it, though members of the JSTF said they were frustrated over the non-payment of APEC allowance.

Around 300 CS officers on site during rampage

In a press briefing today, Acting CS Commissioner, Stephen Pokanis, revealed that each institution (PNGDF, police and CS) has been tasked to conduct an internal investigation and inform the Government on actions taken.

Pokanis said a meeting was conducted with CS officers on Wednesday, where remorse was shown and weapons returned back to the armoury.