K8.5 million to repair Parlt: Acting speaker

It will cost the Government K8.5 million to do maintenance work following the November 20th Parliament rampage.

The cause of damages stemmed from the unpaid allowances to police and Correctional Services officers during the APEC Summit. 

Presenting the report today in Parliament, Acting Speaker Jeffery Komal said the actions taken by the disciplinary forces during that time were uncalled for and lacked substance.

He said the unprecedented attack on the people’s house was unnecessary, unwarranted and is a sad sign of disrespect for our national icon and a serious threat to our democracy.

Western Highlands Governor, Paias Wingti, joined in the discussions and condemned the attack.

He said Parliament house is a sovereign place where our constitution and national policies are discussed and must always be respected at all times.   

Enga Governor Sir Peter Ipatas also supported his colleague governor and called for investigation into the incident.

Meantime, Prime Minister Peter O’Neill has assured the Parliament that all those officers who took part in the matter will be arrested and charged.

He reiterated that no one is above the law and has instructed the Commissioners to investigate and remove the officers implicated.  

Parliament Speaker Job Pomat had initially said the cost of repairing damages stands between K10 and K15 million, to which taxpayers called for justification of the amount.

(Filepic of Joint Security Task Force members gathering at Rita Flynn, Port Moresby, before convoying to the Parliament)


Freddy Mou