Police boss ‘aware’ of conspiracy

Apart from blaming the Opposition, Police Commissioner Gari Baki also believes senior officers within the force are after his post.

He alleges the attack on Parliament was part of this conspiracy.

The Police Commissioner and Commander of the Joint Security Task Force, Gari Baki, is of the strong view that the storming of Parliament was not only politically motivated but also part of a plot to take the police commissioner’s post.

“And I must stress here that I am also aware that some members of the Constabulary – quite a large number of senior officers within the organisation – are also part and parcel of this,” he said in a recent press briefing.

“They are conspiring with politicians because they want the job of the commissioner.

“Disappointing! And they are using the efforts of the men to destroy the very fabric of the organisation that some of us have assisted to build over the years.”

Baki said every individual engaged to assist the Joint Security Task Force was aware of the K200 per day allowance over a period of 18 days, hence he will not accede to the K500 per day demand.

“We have secured K10.8 million. We have paid the first batch of allowances to our men.”

Baki said each member of the Joint Security Task Force has received K1,800 as of November 21st, while the next batch will be paid as soon as the funds are available.

When questioned on whether members of the task force should have been paid before their deployment, the commander said though they had planned for this, things did not go as intended.

Meantime, members of the Opposition have laughed off the Commissioner’s claims of their involvement, saying the people are simply frustrated with the issue of misuse of public funds, the lack of care towards citizens’ welfare and lack of basic services, to name a few.

On November 20th, members of the Joint Security Task Force took out their frustrations on the National Parliament, its staff and media personnel over the delay in the payment of their APEC allowance.

While the first half of the payment was made last week, some members of the JSTF have reported that they have not received anything yet.

Furthermore, there have been calls for investigation into the disbursement of funds due to alleged irregularities.

Commissioner Baki has given the assurance that the matter will be looked into as well.

(Commissioner Baki acknowledging members of the JSTF on November 20th inside the Rita Flynn complex, whilst disgruntled personnel stood outside the venue)

Carmella Gware