Police Commissioner Gari Baki

Police Commissioner questioned on UPNG shooting

Police Commissioner Gari Baki gave this response when queried during a press briefing today with the Police Minister.

“As it is at the moment, the investigation came to a stop when the university students were asked to come in to assist with the investigations,” said Baki.

Improving police visibility, presence

The police commissioner outlined their intention during the recent launch of the NCD Policing Initiative.

The NCD Policing Initiative is all about going back to basics where supervision, command and control and accountability are the key aspects.

Dividing the city into three operational zones will ensure manpower and resources are identified and allocated to these newly-demarcated police operational boundaries.

Law and order is everyone’s responsibility

Zovin made this comment when he presented keys to a brand new Isuzu D-Max to Police Commissioner Gari Baki, in appreciation of quick police action, which resulted in the recovery of 76 of their 150 cartons of cigarettes which were robbed from the company whilst in transit.

New vehicle for minor crimes unit

The vehicle was donated by Port Moresby based wholesale company, Choulai Trading Company, in appreciation for the efforts of the Policing the Police Task Force Team (PPTFT) in recovering 76 of the 150 boxes of cigarettes stolen from the company whilst in transit.

Commissioner Baki, in handing over the keys to Senior Sergeant Apollos Terry, Officer in Charge of the Gordon’s Minor Crimes and head of the PPTFT, encouraged the team to continue the excellent efforts.

Police issue another appeal to criminals

Commissioner Baki said the arm of the law is long and it is only a matter of time before they are caught.

“We will not stop until we capture all of them so they have to surrender now or risk being shot dead as well,” Commissioner Baki said following recent police operations that have resulted in two members of Baker’s gang being shot dead.

Alotau is quiet following the shoot-out at Daga compound on Tuesday which left two suspects dead and two others injured. Baker is still at large and police are working tirelessly to capture Baker and his gang members.

No joint investigations of Alotau incident: Baki

He said police will carry out its own internal investigation into the reported actions of its officers in Alotau over the last few months.

Commissioner Baki said he is responsible for the management of the Constabulary and will ensure that policemen respect the rights of the public whilst carrying out their constitutionally mandated duties.

Meanwhile, the Minister for Justice and Attorney General Davis Steven has made it clear that the Public Solicitor has been tasked to attend to any grievances the public may have about police actions over the last two weeks in Alotau.

Public urged to assist in criminal’s recapture

Commissioner Baki confirmed that a mobile squad team is being deployed to Alotau to assist the local police with the recent string of violent sea piracy and robbery.

Baker, who was detained at Bomana CIS, escaped last year on October 3rd at the Port Moresby General Hospital while receiving medical treatment. Commissioner Baki said it would take a lot of time, effort and money to re-arrest Baker.

Impartial amid political tension

With the much-talked about vote of no-confidence looming, Police Commissioner Gari Baki is hoping to avoid a repetition of the 2016 situation where political influence was allowed to divide the fraud squad and Royal PNG constabulary hierarchy.

“My appeal is to our political leaders to respect the functions of the organisation, functions of the RPNGC,” Baki stated.

Baki disagrees with cash incentive proposal

Commissioner Baki made this comment following announcements made by the National Capital District Metropolitan Superintendent, Perou N’Dranou, of his intention to pay cash bonuses for prescribed number of arrests made by police men and women within his command.

Police commissioner stresses on integrity

The gathering, hosted at 17-Mile, outside Port Moresby, is attended by police heads from all over the country.

The Commissioner’s Annual Conference 2018 started on December 17th and will conclude on the 19th.

Based on the theme: “Strengthening leadership roles to improve service delivery”, Commissioner Baki reminded the provincial police heads that while rank is a privilege, its integrity amounts to every little action that they do.