Policing the Police Task Force Team

Suspects charged over Choulai stolen cigarettes

Gabriel Bona and Christine Kamel were arrested and charged for receiving and being in possession of the stolen cigarettes.

They were apprehended and charged last week, after the cartons of cigarettes were found in their residence at Tokarara in the National Capital District (NCD).

Seventy-five of the 160 cartons of cigarettes stolen from Choulai, a wholesale outlet in Port Moresby, were recovered by the PPTFT last Monday.

The K1.5 million worth of Cambridge cigarette cartons were stolen at 11am on Saturday 19 January, at Two-Mile Hill.

Petrol sniffing by children

Recently members of the Policing the Police Task Force Team came across four boys, aged between 6 and 10, sitting in a circle at Five-Mile in the NCD, sniffing petrol from coke bottles.

Three of them escaped while one of them, barely 8 years old, was taken to his mother who lives at the Gordon 5 Ridge, who gave him a good belting.

The child said he and his friends contributed money and gave to an older boy to buy the petrol at a petrol station.

Task Force Team arrests police officers over assault

The two were identified as Aidan Hevoho, 31, who is a policeman attached with the Waigani Support Unit, and Lesley Aihi, 31, a Police Reservist also based at the Waigani Police Station in Port Moresby.

Police allege that on January 1st 2019, at around 3.30pm, both accused drove over to Andrew Tambiri’s residence at Waigani in a white five door motor vehicle with no registration number and assaulted Tambiri and another person, namely Handabe Rex.

Chinese men arrested for allegedly selling fake beer

The suspects, Wan Yen Bing, 51, and Wang Yuanyan, are both from the Fujian province of China.

Office in Charge of the Policing the Police Task Force Team (PPTFT), Senior Sergeant Apollos Terry, said his team began investigating the matter when an officer of Eliseo, a wholesale business in the NCD, laid an official complaint with his team.

“The company was concerned that it was named by SP Brewery in a newspaper advertisement as being one of the distributors of the fake beer,” Senior Sergeant Terry said.

11 policemen rearrested, charged for stealing

However, eleven of them were rearrested and charged by members of the Policing the Police Task Force Team for the same offences.

The 12 policemen appeared in court today charged for stealing valuable items at the height of the 2018 APEC security allowance saga, which led to the storming of parliament by disgruntled members of the Police and Correctional Services.

Policemen arrested over Parliament rampage

Police Commissioner Gari Baki said the Policing the Police Task Force Team received credible evidence and arranged a search warrant, which was granted by the District Court.

They then conducted the raid on November 24th.

The 11 policemen, all based in the National Capital District, were arrested, charged and locked up at the Boroko Police Station yesterday by the Policing the Police Task Force Team (PPTF).