Correctional Services

Ialibu Aims To Build Courthouse

Court User Forum facilitator Justice Panuel Mogish said this during the forum at the Western Pacific University campus on Tuesday, 12th April.

The Court User Forum (CUF) was established 15 years ago to address problems within the Criminal Justice System and find solutions concerning the court administration.

Judge Mogish said if there is no courthouse in Ialibu, the system comes to a standstill.

Self-discipline needed

This conviction comes from within for Superintendent Marenge but has been reinforced by her post graduate qualifications on Conflict Management and Resolution, which she attained through Australia Awards.

She describes self-discipline as a value that promotes cohesion and teamwork. In her team mentoring initiatives, she ensures her 10 subordinates understand the importance of self-discipline and responsible conflict resolution.

Kavieng inmate diagnosed with measles


According to provincial disease control officer Maria Sabok, the result came from tests done at the Central Public Health laboratory in Port Moresby recently.

Sabok said health workers carried out a mass vaccination on 335 inmates including 154 officers and their families, and reported this case.

The inmate has been vaccinated.

She told TV Wan news that they have enough vaccines to continue the program.

The National Department of Health also reported measles being detected in the Gulf Province.

Around 300 CS officers on site during rampage

In a press briefing today, Acting CS Commissioner, Stephen Pokanis, revealed that each institution (PNGDF, police and CS) has been tasked to conduct an internal investigation and inform the Government on actions taken.

Pokanis said a meeting was conducted with CS officers on Wednesday, where remorse was shown and weapons returned back to the armoury.

Prisoner killed

He was rushed to the hospital but died soon after.

The deceased escaped whilst being transported back to Barawagi Jail after a Court appearance in Kundiawa last month.

Provincial Police Commander Jacob Singura said the deceased was charged with rape and remanded at Barawagi Jail.

He was among other prisoners transported in two 25 seater buses hired by the CS.

PPC Singura said due to the backlog of cases and no proper prison van, the prisoners were transported on the hired buses to attend Court.

PMGH runaway now classified as escapee: Commissioner

Morgan, who is a convicted prisoner and on death row, is believed to have escaped from custody prior to the removal.

“Morgan is being treated as an escapee now that he has escaped from custody,” says CS Commissioner Michael Waipo.

Plans are already underway to seek police help and have the all the required information at hand to recapture him.

“That’s the normal procedure that we’ll follow,” said Waipo.

Medium to high risk detainees brought back

Orders and directions on the ban on detainees’ leave of absence were carried out yesterday by CS officers. This saw prisoners on medical LOAs be exempted from hospitals and transferred back to Bomana CS facility immediately.

Bomana CS Jail Commander, Haraha Kidi Keko, yesterday directed his officers to organise and pick up detainees from the three major hospitals; Port Moresby General, Gerehu and the Pacific International Hospital.

PM demands explanation from Correctional Services

The PM has further announced a ban on all day temporary release of prisoners, except under exceptional circumstances, until a review of procedures is undertaken, and the enactment of stronger penalties for prisoners who escape lawful custody as well as those who aide or harbour them.

“The escape of six prisoners on day release is intolerable and places communities at risk,” PM O’Neill said.

“Some of these prisoners have attempted escape in the past and should never have been allowed outside prison walls.

Inmates’ mental health vital for rehabilitation

Speaking on behalf of the CS Commissioner during the World Health Day, CS Deputy Commissioner, Dennis Piandi said mental disorders and its traumatic effects are increasing annually around PNG.

This includes individuals in the correctional system too, who are experiencing mental health problems and mental illnesses.

“I am happy to state that the relationship between Mental Health Services and Correctional Services is timely honored and cordial as this advances our relationship cohesively towards the theme “Depression- Let’s Talk”,” he said.

Waipo says Correctional Services hindered by lack of funds

Correctional Service Commissioner, Michael Waipo said this but commended all prison officers in the country who continue to serve with pride in their respective prisons.

He said that an investigative report into Boram Prison breakout on New Years’ Day in Wewak will soon be completed.

Waipo said according to police at the time of breakout, the inmates used a pair of pliers to cut through the fence to make their escape.

He added out of the 29 inmates that broke out, two prisoners were shot dead in the process of recapturing them whilst 10 of them are still at large.