Medium to high risk detainees brought back

Up to seven medium to high risk detainees were brought back to the Bomana facility following a round up by Correctional Services officers on hospitals.

Orders and directions on the ban on detainees’ leave of absence were carried out yesterday by CS officers. This saw prisoners on medical LOAs be exempted from hospitals and transferred back to Bomana CS facility immediately.

Bomana CS Jail Commander, Haraha Kidi Keko, yesterday directed his officers to organise and pick up detainees from the three major hospitals; Port Moresby General, Gerehu and the Pacific International Hospital.

During this exercise, Eremas Wartoto from Pacific International Hospital, Hariki Arua from the Gerehu Hospital and Jeffery Yokopia, Jackson Naipe, Norman May, Philip Kiakala and Jeffery Sheekiot from the Port Moresby General Hospital were picked up.

During that time, a detainee, Liam Morgan, escaped from the Port Moresby General Hospital.

Two other detainees are still in PMGH due to their critical condition; one with a fractured left arm and the other with a case of TB.

“Most of those brought back to the facility were all medium to high risk prisoners.

“In terms of their sentence and periods they were admitted is not a matter of criteria for us to classify them,” Keko says.

The jail commander added that the current situation will be used as a stepping stone to better improve the jail command in future.

Annette Kora