Madang Governor Peter Yama

Lawyers file for dismissal in Manam Resettlement Case

Governor Yama and several others were arrested and charged last year on separate charges.

The submission was made after police legal representative filed an application on the same day to have the case withdrawn under Section 61A, Sub-section (1) of the District Court Act, and Section 192 of the Constitution.

The application to withdraw the case came about after lawyers representing Yama argued that the search warrant used to search and find evidence to make arrests on the suspects, was invalid.

Yama appears in court over Manam Resettlement funds

They appeared before Magistrate Alex Kalandi at 1:30pm to argue the search warrant that was used in their arrest.

Lawyers representing the group argued that the search warrant used by the police was defective because on October 30, 2021 the Madang District Court stayed the search warrant, preventing police from continuing their investigation.

The lawyers argued that despite this stay order, police went ahead and carried out the search, which eventually led to arrests being made.

Relief supplies for Manam

Madang Governor Peter Yama said so far, the administration is monitoring the situation at Manam closely until the volcano subsides.

Currently the Manam volcano is at stage three.

Yama said business houses in Madang have been very helpful in assisting with relief supplies to the people of Manam.

Yesterday, local company, JV PNG Investment Construction Ltd, presented K24,000 to Governor Yama for the relief supplies.

He will be visiting the island today to get a glimpse of what has transpired.

Relief supplies for Manam islanders

Madang Governor Peter Yama confirmed today, saying the Madang Provincial Administration was very quick to respond to the eruption.

He added that within 72 hours after the eruption, the government responded swiftly to help evacuate the people of Manam.

“The Government is very helpful and has responded swiftly to the cries of the people of Manam.

“I want to thank Prime Minister Peter O’Neill for such response, which the people of Manam haven’t experienced in the past.”

Invest more in PNG: Yama

Speaking as the host of the gala dinner last night at the Madang Resort, Yama said PNG economy will be picking up from where it is today in the near future.

Governor Yama told delegates that SME sector is one of the key priority areas the Government is embarking on for the people.

He said such initiative will boost the economic growth in rural areas where the large population of PNG’s people live.

Yama told delegates that they have made the right choice to come to Madang as it is very unique and beautiful, apart from other provinces.

Still waiting for Governor to respond…

Following the recent unrest where 4 youth were shot dead by police whilst protesting the continuous harassment suffered by locals, a petition was presented to Governor Peter Yama on April 17.

VIDEO: Yama calls for an amicable solution

Madang Governor Peter Yama has discouraged the removal of settlers from Madang, but to solve the issue amicably.

Madang admin prepares to repatriate slain teacher

The deceased was killed at Bau Primary School on Tuesday, April 3.

Madang Governor Peter Yama, who was in Port Moresby attending Parliament, flew back to the province on Thursday (April 12) to attend to the situation.

Upon arrival, Yama held various meetings with leaders from the area and asked them to return the head of the slain teacher.

The head was returned late Thursday night to the provincial administration staff, including Governor Yama.

Yama confident in recount’s outcome

Yama said he is confident the outcome of the recount will be in his favour.

Governor Yama said the people of Madang have mandated him and they have nothing to worry about.

He said his more than 85,400 voters speak volumes.

The National Court had ordered a recount into the Madang Provincial seat last Thursday.
The recount order was issued after the court found that James Yali, who was a parolee when he nominated to contest the elections, was not eligible.

Madang public servants warned

Yama said investigations into the public administration had commenced and those implicated will be held accountable for their wrong dealings.

He issued the warning after sidelining Provincial Administrator Daniel Aloi over allegations of misappropriation and misconduct of office.

He added that public servants have nothing to be afraid of and urged them to do their job diligently.