Papua New Guinea says it was a ‘terrible mistake’ to buy $5.6M in cars to impress world leaders

Papua New Guinea — which is one of the poorest nations in Southeast Asia, with an average GDP per capita of $2,613 — dropped a mind-boggling $5.6 million on a fleet of luxury cars to impress regional leaders during a 2018 conference.

Nearly three years later, the country admits the shallow purchase was a “terrible mistake” and is trying to recoup its losses by offloading the multiple Maseratis at a hefty loss.

APEC assets ‘in order’

They are just waiting to be distributed through, he stressed, the proper process.

It is still unclear whether the much-talked about APEC luxury sports cars were procured using proper process.

However, both the APEC Minister and Prime Minister maintain that these vehicles – the 40 Maseratis and three Bentleys – will be sold in a transparent manner.

Luxury sports cars open for bidding

The Central Supply and Tenders Board (CSTB), on behalf of the Finance Department, is inviting the general public to bid for the 40 Maserati and three Bentleys under public tender – DSA 01/2019.

The units will be sold through public tender on “as is where is” basis, a term that means the buyer accepts the item “with all faults”, whether or not it is immediately apparent.

APEC VIP vehicles no longer with Authority: Minister

APEC Minister Justin Tkatchenko said they are now being handed over to the Central Supply and Tenders Board and the Finance Department.

“They will then tender them out to those who are interested in those vehicles,” stated the Minister.

“And I believe that most of the vehicles have already been booked and are now ready for transfer to their new owners.

“We no longer have anything to do with the VIP vehicles.”

Maseratis make public appearance for APEC rehearsal

The dress rehearsal was coordinated by the Joint Security Task Force and APEC Coordination Authority.

These dry runs are critical in getting the timing right when the APEC Leadership Meeting starts next week.

For today’s ‘Super Sunday’, 5 of the 40 notorious Maseratis made a public appearance at Port Moresby’s Rita Flynn Netball Centre, including Mahindra vehicles that were imported from India.

APEC Minister: Lies about APEC Leaders’ vehicles

“The record must be set straight, and these lies put to an end,” said the Minister.

“Firstly, the use of a certain level of vehicle is required for global events such as an APEC Leaders’ Summit.

“Secondly, as with past APEC hosts, these vehicles will be purchased by the private sector at cost.

“Thirdly, the price the Maserati will be sold to the private sector is less than the sale price of a Toyota Land Cruiser VX, while price of Bentleys will be more than the Toyota, but not the ridiculous K2.3 million each claimed by the desperate member of Opposition.”

Degree of corruption ‘disgusting’

“The Maserati deal is just one scandal after another. And we’re asking, when will it stop?

“The process of policing is into question.”

Kramer pointed out the Paraka case, where the case against the Prime Minister was closed, including the Manumanu land deal, where police cleared the implicated Cabinet Ministers of all allegations against them.

Aust politician furious with importation of luxury cars

Queensland Senator Pauline Hanson said she was ‘absolutely furious’ when she learnt that the PNG Government had bought 40 Maserati cars for the APEC leaders.

Queensland’s senator and Founder & Leader of Australia’s One Nation Party, Pauline Hanson, has gone viral on Facebook with her ‘Please Explain’ video.

In the video, which was uploaded on October 12th and has over 7,000 shares to date, Hanson said if PNG can afford to buy high-end vehicles then it does not need Australia’s foreign aid.