Police save vehicles from opportunists

According to Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) NCD and Central Command, Anthony Wagambie Jr one of the vehicles that was involved in an accident was a Toyota Land Cruiser five door. 

He said the vehicle had veered off the road at Nine-mile cemetery this morning at around 8.30. 
The driver and passengers escaped when the CID and Mobile Squad officers patrolling the area arrived at the scene. 

ACP Wagambie Jr said opportunists were trying to remove parts of the vehicle when police arrived and towed the vehicle to a safer location. 

Public thwart carjacking

The suspects held up four medical nurses and were attempting to drive off in their stolen vehicle when they were chased and attacked by a rock throwing mob.

In their haste to escape, the suspects reversed the stolen car from Boroko market to the Bisini Sports Stadium before running into a cement pavement.

Members of the public aided police by pursuing two of the suspects who climbed the fence and entered the Bavaroko Primary School.

They were immediately apprehended by the civilians and handed over to the police officers.


Suspect arrested in former Lands officer’s shooting

Daniel Katakumb, from East Sepik Province, was shot by criminals during a carjacking at Henao Drive.

NCD metropolitan superintendent, Perou N’Dranou, said while there are 4 suspects, only one has been arrested and charged with wilful murder.

The Criminal Investigation Division is still working on the case.

Meanwhile, the crime rate in the nation’s capital has seen a relentless number of reports on armed holdups and stolen motor vehicles.

Attack on young woman linked to killing: Police

A young woman sustained a broken jaw with bullets in her right cheek and shattered teeth after being attacked in a parking lot following an attempted carjacking on Friday.

The former lands officer, on the hand, was shot just outside his home as per reports from Homicide.

Investigation into former Lands officer’s killing underway

Police say the man, who was identified as one Daniel Katakumb from East Sepik Province, was shot by criminals during a carjacking outside the family residence at Henao Drive.

In a grey Mark-2, the criminals followed the man and his family, who were traveling home in a double cab vehicle.

They then ambushed the family, where three shots were fired.

According to police, the deceased had one visible bullet wound just below his waist.

An investigation has already started while leads are yet to be established.

Safety tips from NCD traffic police

But at the end of the day, it comes down to both the driver and passenger to exercise caution when out on the road.

Loop PNG brings to you a few safety tips from the office of the Director, Traffic Operations, NCD, Joseph K Joe:

Beware of carjackers!

This comes after a number of recent attempts of carjacking and holdup in the suburbs.

Gerehu police station commander, Robert Kurei, said the number of hold ups and carjacking has increased during this election period.

Most of these incidents happen when families are trying to drive into their residence or driving out.

“These men are doing this right at our doorsteps now and we urge residents to take a little more extra care during this time.”

Criminals are using the opportunity to their advantage when a lot is happening during the election period.

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Armed men steal car at Hohola

The victim, from Madang, was held up around 6pm adjacent to the main bus stop there.

Three armed men reportedly pulled the man out of the car as the car was slowing down at the crossing.

The incident was reported with Hohola units, who are now tasked to look into the incident. 

Carjacking occurs near ATM

The man and his two passengers were forced out of the vehicle by three armed men who drove up to them in a CRV.

Police report that the man had just returned from a haus krai with his two cousin brothers when they went to the BSP ATM at Boroko.

The incident took place around 12am, with the matter reported soon after at the Boroko station.

K400 in cash and three phones, including an iPhone, was taken with the car.

Police are urging the general public to be cautious when travelling about during the late or early hours of the day.