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Father of late Ruby Laufa speaks out

Laufa expressed serious concern about the questionable and apparent lack of urgency in police investigation into this death.

Laufa in a statement said, on the afternoon of the day of her death, the suspect, Richard Namaliu, was detained at Four Mile traffic police station for about four hours and then released without charge.

Laufa stated that the police recorded the cause of his daughter’s death as suicide in the police occurrence book.

UPNG undergoes major infrastructure development

The infrastructure is part of the university’s development master plan, sanctioned by the University Council.

The significant development of the new infrastructure will provide new teaching and learning facilities for staff and students.

These include a new state-of-the-art lecture theater, a School of Business and Public Policy complex and a new student services building.

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UPNG Admin calls for classes to return to normal

This follows the voluntary withdrawal of teaching and assessment component of service on Monday by the members of the National Academic Staff Association at the UPNG.

University Vice Chancellor Professor Albert Mellam said the stop work by the staff is illegal as it is not properly sanctioned by the university and the Industrial Registrar.

Mellam said any staff member who participates in this illegal action is in breach of contract and will be subject to corrective measures of the University Council based on legal advice.

Dr Mann commends Academic doctors for going back to work

The 30 clinical academic doctors resumed classes at midday on Tuesday January 31, after receiving their outstanding Awards payment of K5.5 million on Monday.

The academics stopped work on Wednesday, January 24 to give time for the Government to respond to their grievances over non-payment of their Awards dating back to January 1, 2014.

The National Doctors’ Awards benefits the academic doctors employed by the Department of Health and government hospitals.

The Awards is an agreement between the PNG National Doctors Association and the Government.

UPNG committed to pay delayed 7.5 percent increment

The salary increase stems from the Government’s approval of an annual 7.5 percent pay increase for all public servants in PNG, commencing in 2012.

Dr Nicholas Mann, the UPNG Acting Chancellor, said the issue concerning the 7.5 percent pay increase is not an industrial matter.

Dr Mann clarified that the university has already honoured this pay rise for three years, from 2012 to 2014, which represents a salary increase of 22.5 percent for academic and non-academic staff.

The only remaining issue is the payment of pay increases for 2015 and 2016.

NASA stop work is illegal, says UPNG admin

UPNG Acting Chancellor Dr Nicholas Mann said today that the stop work by the staff is illegal as it is not properly sanctioned by the University and the Industrial Registrar.

The purpose of their planned withdrawal of teaching and assessment component of work is due to their outstanding 7.5 percent pay increment for all public servants, commencing in 2012.

Dr Mann said they’re in constant dialogue with responsible authorities and those concerned since 2013 and are working to resolve the issue.

UPNG NASA continues discussions over outstanding payment

NASA president Emmanuel Gorea confirmed today that discussion on the 7.5 percent back payment is still on going with the relevant authority.

NASA met with the university management on Tuesday regarding the issue.

Gorea confirmed that the management is still in discussion with the Department of Finance and Treasury over the availability of funds.

He said NASA is also in consultation with the National Industrial Register on what course of action to take.

Meantime, according to UPNG’s revised calendar, students will be sitting for their examinations next week.

UPNG academic staff stand to take industrial action

NASA had given a September 30 deadline ultimatum, which lapsed last Friday, for the university management to give a feedback on the outstanding 7.5 percent back payment.

NASA president Emmanuel Gorea confirmed today that discussion on the 7.5 percent back payment is still on going with relevant the authority, the Department of Finance and Treasury.

Gorea will be meeting with the university management on Tuesday, October 4 regarding the matter.

NASA meets with UPNG admin on outstanding issues

The academic staff met with the UPNG vice chancellor Professor Albert Mellam to air their grievances on outstanding issues relating to their welfare.

These include housing, security, the revise calendar and their outstanding 7.5 percent payment.

NASA president Emmanuel Gorea said they are pleased in the sense of collaborating together and working together with the administration.

However, Gorea said they’re not happy with the outcome and response from the administration.