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Police Minister warns of more arrests at UPNG

Today, four individuals were arrested and charged at the UPNG campus.

“The activities of these remaining few are no longer student issues but law and order issues,” Minister Atiyafa said.

“Most students are ready to go back to class, but there are people, mainly non-students, acting under the influence of alcohol, who are breaking the law and obstructing these students.

“This is now a law and order situation and the law will be enforced.

“My message to the students is that you have the law on your side to return to class so do not be intimidated.

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UPNG building set alight due to ‘spillover’

The burning of the University of Papua New Guinea’s Uni Venture building this morning was a spillover from yesterday’s confrontation.

Court dismisses Nepo’s application

UPNG welcomes reconciliation with students

The Student Representative Council has written to the vice chancellor and management requesting for a reconciliation meeting.

UPNG acting Chancellor Dr Nicholas Mann told Loop PNG that the university welcomes the idea and mediators will be involved.

Classes at the main Waigani Campus are yet to fully commence and students met with their School administrations today to discuss the idea.

Dr Mann said the students don't need to waste more time.

“Just come to school, say sorry and go to class,” Dr Mann said.

UPNG SRC to decide on boycott by end of the week

The university council lifted the indefinite suspension of classes for students to resume semester one on June 13 at the Waigani campus and June 6 at the Taurama campus.

UPNG Student Representative Council president Kenneth Rapa says they’re now waiting for students to return to campus to decide their course of action.

Rapa explained that they will seek the majority of the students’ advice and views and whatever they decide, the SRC is only there to facilitate their interest.

Medical students at Taurama continue boycott

The SMHS were supposed to resume classes today while the main campus next week however, Medfac has decided to continue with the boycott.

Male student representative Hermin Peamo says they’ll continue with this fight as they’ve come a long way and fought a good fight.

The leaders, including course leaders and members of the UPNG Student Representative Council, made the decision last night during a meeting.

“We have talked about all possible avenues regarding our academic studies and have decided that we will continue to stand in this fight.

UPNG suspension of classes lifted

The decision was announced today by the university council following 10 days of suspension.

The continuation of semester one will take place on June 13, which is a public holiday. This is so classes will kick off on Tuesday, June 14, while the medical students will commence classes on June 6.

UPNG acting chancellor Dr Nicholas Mann said the suspension has given the council ample time to reorganise the academic calendar and also for the students to think things through.

The 2016 academic calendar is now extended by another three weeks past schedule.

UPNG SRC work on stay order for suspension of classes

The university council on Tuesday suspended classes for an indefinite period and the students were told to vacate campus within 48 hours.

The SRC have notified that they are working around the clock to get a stay order for the suspension of classes and to remove the police presence on campus.

In a notice from the SRC circulated throughout the campus, the administration will not remove them from campus unless and until the following demands by the students are met by Thursday, May 26.

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No end in sight for student boycotts

Students at the University of Papua New Guinea who have been boycotting classes for three weeks are pondering their next move after the Prime Minister ignored their ultimatum to step down.

Court set hearing date of PM’s appeal

Professor Kola’s death shocks UPNG chemistry strand

Late Professor Kola was UPNG’s former head of chemistry. Under special arrangements agreed to between the interim council of the University of Goroka and the management of UPNG, he was appointed the acting vice-chancellor of UOG last year.

“Just heard the news and cannot accept it. PNG has lost another great man,” said the late Kola’s former student Patricia Hagali, who is now a chemistry tutor at UPNG.

PM O’Neill says Students petition legal in nature

In a letter to the UPNG SRC, O’Neill thanked the SRC for the petition presented on Thursday May 19, to him by NCD Governor Powes Parkop.

In the letter, O’Neill advised that the petition contained issues which are technical in legal in nature.

“As such it will require proper due diligence and advice from the State Agencies before any response is delivered to you.

“You will note that some of the issues are in Court therefore legal advice is required so that we are not in breach or contemptuous of Court Orders and proceedings.