Acting Chancellor Dr Nicholas Mann

UPNG students question graduation fee

They claim the university did not advise them of the graduation fee.

“It just came on the media, which shocked the students as there was no (official) circular before that,” Loop PNG was told.

Phylma Timea, a graduating student from the Journalism and Public Relations strand, says it’s unfair on them and their parents.

“We have already paid the school fee, outstanding fees, we were rushed out of our dorms and they didn’t give us a long time to do our clearance.”

UPNG Admin calls for classes to return to normal

This follows the voluntary withdrawal of teaching and assessment component of service on Monday by the members of the National Academic Staff Association at the UPNG.

University Vice Chancellor Professor Albert Mellam said the stop work by the staff is illegal as it is not properly sanctioned by the university and the Industrial Registrar.

Mellam said any staff member who participates in this illegal action is in breach of contract and will be subject to corrective measures of the University Council based on legal advice.