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Yokomo win 2016 softball club championships

Yokomo cruised through to a 9-1 win over Defence in the men's grand final this afternoon of the PNG Power National Softball Club Fast Pitch tournament.

Twinning project celebrated with universities

UPNG students excluded due to breaching university laws

UPNG acting chancellor Dr Nicholas Mann said that the letter of exclusion given to the students is a genuine document from the university management.

He said this in response to the SRC members who have demanded an explanation from the university administration regarding their exclusion.

Dr Mann said the 2016 UPNG SRC led the rolling boycott at UPNG that resulted in the violation of the laws, statutes, regulations, codes and charters to which they all concurred to uphold.

Lupari in talks with UPNG to save 2016 academic year

The meeting was basically to discuss two issues:

(a)     The rationale of their decision,

(b)     How the 2016 academic can be salvaged.

Lupari  who met with UPNG officials on Wednesday July 6, said: “From the outset I made it absolutely clear that the Government’s position has not changed.

“The Government wants to see the continuation of the 2016 Academic year and it is prepared to supply the necessary financial resources that are required for this.

UPNG SRC constitution suspended

UPNG acting chancellor Dr Nicholas Mann confirmed that the council gives power to the SRC and has now removed that power.

Dr Mann said the council has suspended the constitution of the SRC for the rest of 2016 only.

He explained that if the constitution is suspended then the SRC no longer exists.

“The SRC now doesn’t have any legal standing on university matters,” Dr Mann said.

Meantime, the law enforcing agencies are responsible for apprehending those involved in the arson and law and order issues on campus.

Security Council meet makes recommendations

The Chief Secretary to Government,  Isaac B. Lupari  said the National Security Advisory Council (NSAC)  which met today resolved to make a series of recommendations to the National Executive Council (NEC) in relation to recent incidents on national university campuses.

“The NSAC has condemned the killing of an innocent student and the destruction of property as acts of barbarity by mindless individuals,” the Chief Secretary said following the NSAC meeting.

Damage to universities estimated to be K20 million

These include the University of PNG, University of Goroka and PNG University of Technology.

At UPNG, five vehicles and the Uni Venture building were burnt, a slate of glass which walls the Michael Somare Library was shattered while the canteen at the Forum Square area was nearly cracked open.

At Unitech, fire was set to the SRC president's residence, DODL and ATCDI buildings and the mess. These buildings suffered substantial damage from the fire.

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Student protest now law and order issue

The student protest at the University of Papua New Guinea is now a law and order issue.

Investigation to determine SOE at universities

Investigation to determine SOE at universities

The two universities, PNG University of Technology and the University of PNG, have boycotted classes for almost two months.

Minister for Higher Education, Research, Science and Technology, Malakai Tabar is directing a high powered Government team to assess the situation on the ground at Unitech following the burning of buildings (pictured) and death of a student.

Tabar will also be asking the Minister for Police to institute curfews in the troubled universities in order to maintain peace.

“We would like to go before cabinet to try and institute a curfew and SOE.

Student protest now law and order issue

Department of Higher Education, Research, Science and Technology secretary Professor David Kavanamur explained that after eight weeks of boycott, the situation generated into a law and order issue.

Kavanamur said the first priority is to secure the perimeters on campus to ensure that life and property are protected and create an environment that is conducive for learning.

That is the main objective in terms of restoring normalcy on campus.

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Police Minister warns of more arrests at UPNG

Papua New Guinea’s Police Minister, Robert Atiyafa, has warned people preventing students from returning to university for class will be arrested and prosecuted.

Govt delegation sent to salvage Mt Hagen hospital