Late Ruby Laufa

Laufa case update: Files to be served soon

The case will return to court next week, where police CID, are expected to serve the defendant, their investigation files, or what is called a police hand-up brief.

The investigation files will be used by the court to weigh out the evidence against Namaliu if it is sufficient to put his case for trial in the National Court.  

Namaliu first went to court with his lawyer on August 4, where his charge was read and explained to him.

He was arrested and charged with murder on July 25.

Suspect in Ruby's death detained

Late yesterday evening, police locked up suspect Richard Namaliu.

Traffic police director, Joe Joseph, confirmed with Loop PNG that Namaliu has been detained over the tragedy that claimed Ruby’s life on Saturday, February 11, 2017.

“It is a very complicated case, considering there were no eyewitnesses,” said Joseph.

“We went around and around, gathering circumstantial evidence, but bearing in mind that there should be concrete evidence.

“It took us a long time.”

A charge should be determined sometime today.

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Reliable info on Laufa case received: Police

​A number of witnesses have come forward with reliable information into the case of the late Ruby Ann Laufa.

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Reliable info on Laufa case received: Police

Director for traffic police, Joe Joseph, told Loop PNG that investigators have also spoken to the family members, who have given in their statements.

He said although the case is building, the weight of the charge will still depend on the witness statements that have been collected.

“The charge of the suspect will still be determined upon the findings of the investigations, whether he will be charged under CID or traffic police,” says Joseph.

Meanwhile, the suspect remains uncharged as investigations continue.

The case is still with traffic police.

More witness statements needed in Laufa case

Director for Traffic Police, Joe Joseph, says progress is yet to be made into the former Miss PNG’s investigations.

Furthermore, the main alleged suspect and key witness implicated in the death of the late Laufa is also yet to be charged.

However, the need for justice for the family is paramount.

“Police were not present during the actual happening of the incident and police are only following due process to complete the investigations as soon as possible.”

Traffic police are relying on statements given by witnesses to build a case.

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Father of late Ruby Laufa speaks out

The father of late Ruby-Anne Laufa, Maurice Laufa, for the first time since his daughter’s death, has spoken out and questioned police investigation into the tragic death of his daughter on Saturday, February 11 2017.

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Father of late Ruby Laufa speaks out

Laufa expressed serious concern about the questionable and apparent lack of urgency in police investigation into this death.

Laufa in a statement said, on the afternoon of the day of her death, the suspect, Richard Namaliu, was detained at Four Mile traffic police station for about four hours and then released without charge.

Laufa stated that the police recorded the cause of his daughter’s death as suicide in the police occurrence book.

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Traffic police take over probe into death of Laufa

Investigations into the death of the late Ruby Laufa have progressed with Traffic police now taking over the investigations.

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Nugi pays tribute to Laufa

Once in a rare while, you meet someone who checks out all the boxes that makes you wonder if God had spent just a little bit more time on them, says Miss PNG 2015 Grace Agatha Nugi.

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Parkop expresses condolence to family of late Ruby Laufa

The late Ruby Laufa passed away at the Port Moresby General Hospital on Saturday, February 11, at 3.30pm.

She was 24 at the time and would have celebrated her 25th birthday on February 13. The late Ruby was the Miss South Pacific PNG 2012-2013.

Laufa leaves behind her father, Maurice, from Gulf Province, her mother, Hane Sepi Nouairi-Schaaf, of Central Province and Tongan-German blood, and her younger sisters, Sherridan and Rhani Villie-Maina.

Parkop said, “It’s very tragic that she passed away the way that she did.