Middle Fly MP Roy Biyama

Biyama passes on

Born 3rd August 1967, the Late MP was a member of the National Parliament of PNG since 2002; served his terms representing the electorate for the people of Western Province in the Middle Fly Open.

Late Biyama has been a member of the PNG Revival Party, the People’s Action Party, the United Resources Party and the People’s National Congress.

PNG Loop's 5 @ 5

Nugi pays tribute to Laufa


Once in a rare while, you meet someone who checks out all the boxes that makes you wonder if God had spent just a little bit more time on them, says Miss PNG 2015 Grace Agatha Nugi.

Only MP in Western Province elected Governor

Deputy governor wants unity

Abini Gesele says he is a believer in unity and wants leaders of the province to work together to deliver services to the people.

Biyama told Loop PNG last month that he was willing to put his hand up for the Governor seat, whatever the outcome of the appeal on the current Governor’s jail conviction.

Gesele said Biyama is a respected and long serving parliamentarian for the province.

“If he (Biyama) puts his hand up for Governor’s seat, I’m willing to support him, because the big thing is, let’s work together so that the benefit reach our people.