Richard Namaliu

Manslaughter trial into Laufa’s death continues

The country’s chief pathologist is expected to take the stand as a prosecution witness.

The trial against Richard Namaliu continued before the Waigani National Court on September 26th after its commencement on September 25th.

Yesterday morning, trial judge Justice Teresa Berrigan gave her ruling on the admissibility of evidence from the sixth witness – one of late Ruby-Anne Laufa’s close friends.

Namaliu committed for trial

The Waigani Committal Court found sufficient circumstantial evidence to commit him. 

The Waigani Committal Court went through statements of 18 witnesses including family, friends, investigating officers and medical reports.

Presiding Magistrate, Cosmos Bidar, said the statements and messages provided by witnesses showed that the late Ruby Laufa had an ongoing situation with the defendant Richard Namaliu.  

Laufa case update: Namaliu goes to court

Richard Jason Namaliu of Raluana village, Kokopo, East New Britain Province and his lawyer appeared before Magistrate Cosmas Bidar of the Waigani Committal court.

The court explained the committal court process and the charge and allegations against him before adjourning the case for a month.

Namaliu remains on a National Court bail of K2000. He was charged with murder.

He was released from custody on Monday, July 31.

It is alleged he murdered Laufa of Lese, Malalaua, Gulf Province, along the Fort Banner Road, UPNG, on February 11.

Namaliu on bail

Richard Jason Namaliu, of Raluana village, Kokopo, East New Britain Province, was arrested by police and charged with murder on the evening of July 25.

His lawyer went before the Waigani National Court with a bail application which was not opposed by the state.

The 25-year-old was allowed bail at K2000.

It is alleged he murdered fellow 25-year-old Laufa of Lese, Malalaua, Gulf Province, along the Fort Banner Road, UPNG, on February 11.

Namaliu charged with murder

Traffic police director, Joe Joseph, told Loop PNG that Namaliu was arrested by the investigating officer for murder late yesterday evening (July 25).

“It was not an accident, it’s not suicide or dangerous driving causing death,” Joseph said when commenting on the circumstances surrounding Laufa’s death.

“At last, the police have laid charges.”

However, the director pointed out that justice for Ruby has only started.

“This is the beginning of another long, hard battle, which will be at the courthouse.”

Suspect in Ruby's death detained

Late yesterday evening, police locked up suspect Richard Namaliu.

Traffic police director, Joe Joseph, confirmed with Loop PNG that Namaliu has been detained over the tragedy that claimed Ruby’s life on Saturday, February 11, 2017.

“It is a very complicated case, considering there were no eyewitnesses,” said Joseph.

“We went around and around, gathering circumstantial evidence, but bearing in mind that there should be concrete evidence.

“It took us a long time.”

A charge should be determined sometime today.

Late Laufa case still pending with Police Traffic Division

According to the last report, a number of witnesses have come forward with reliable information into the case of the late Ruby Ann Laufa.

Director for traffic police, Joe Joseph, told Loop PNG that investigators have also spoken to family members, who have given in their statements.

He said although the case is building, the weight of the charge will still depend on the witness statements that have been collected.

Laufa’s family want justice and closure of tragic event

Born years apart from each other and growing up, Sheridan described the relationship between her and her sister Ruby Ann as a very close one.

Sheridan spoke telling her side of how she had seen her sister in the past two years and how her sister had suddenly become so distant during that time until she met her fate.

“That was about the same time she met this guy, Richard Namaliu and for the last two years she had pulled away and become very distant,” Sheridan says.

She said she only got to know him (Richard) when he and Ruby were already in a relationship.