Maternal deaths

Maternal deaths continue…

She had given birth in the village and died the following day due to complications.

Maternal deaths continue to be the biggest challenge in rural and remote areas where access to basic health services are impossible and the nearest health centre at Itokama is a three hour walk.

This is evident in Barai, a geographically remote area sharing the mountain ranges bordering with Central Province where road access is often inaccessible.

The Barai Plateau covers ten wards, 35 villages and has a population of 8,555 people.

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Reliable info on Laufa case received: Police

​A number of witnesses have come forward with reliable information into the case of the late Ruby Ann Laufa.

Late Zurenuoc’s funeral service today

Health expert highlights strategies of improving maternal deaths

Dr Sauk highlighted that supervised deliveries and improving the overall family planning coverage greatly improves maternal deaths, at least up to 75 percent.

She revealed that PNG has seen a decreasing supervised delivery statistics at 36 percent and family planning prevalence of 20 percent due to challenges with access to facilities.

Dr Sauk said medical causes of maternal deaths in PNG and almost all preventable include infections following births, miscarriage, abortion, anaemia, malaria, tuberculosis and gender based violence.