More witness statements needed in Laufa case

As much as the Traffic Police would like to build a case for charges to be made in the Ruby Laufa incident, more witness statements need to collected.

Director for Traffic Police, Joe Joseph, says progress is yet to be made into the former Miss PNG’s investigations.

Furthermore, the main alleged suspect and key witness implicated in the death of the late Laufa is also yet to be charged.

However, the need for justice for the family is paramount.

“Police were not present during the actual happening of the incident and police are only following due process to complete the investigations as soon as possible.”

Traffic police are relying on statements given by witnesses to build a case.

Joseph reiterated that more statements are needed to push forward the investigations.

The report will be made known to the family and general public once all investigative details are compiled. 

The late Laufa passed away at the Port Moresby General Hospital on Saturday, February 11.

She was 24 at the time and would have celebrated her 25th birthday on February 13. She was the Miss South Pacific PNG 2012-2013.

Laufa leaves behind her father, Maurice, from Gulf Province, her mother, Hane Sepi Nouairi-Schaaf, of Central Province and Tongan-German blood, and her younger sisters, Sherridan and Rhani Villie-Maina.

(Friends, families and residents remembering the Late Laufa on her birthday, a few days after her tragic passing)

Annette Kora