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Health Secretary clears air over Dr Niblett’s future

The Papua New Guinea National Department of Health (NDoH) is working towards establishing programs that will support prevention, screening and early detection in reducing the incidence of cancer.

Students gather to hear response to their petition

Students gather to hear response to their petition

Their petition was received by the Prime Minister Peter O'Neill yesterday (Thursday May 19).

The students have boycotted classes for 20 days as of today.

They will soon receive responses from the UPNG Senate and the Prime Minister's Office.

The UPNG Student SRC has given a 24 hours ultimatum for O'Neill to respond to their petition which was 3pm today.

The Health Workers Union will also deliver their stance today during this forum. 

Basil: Students awareness program must continue

This awareness is aimed to inform the public about their petition in which they plan to present to Prime Minister Peter O’Neill.

Police on Tuesday gave verbal promises that they would permit students in small groups to go round the city in a public awareness program.

Basil stated that NCD Commander Sylvester Kalaut now says that students will not be allowed to carry out any public awareness. 

Basil explained that these groups of students will talk with citizens and they will learn from the students about the real issues of this nation.

Police to man UPNG campuses

In a circular released this afternoon, UPNG vice-chancellor Professor Albert Mellam said: “Police presence will be witnessed on the Waigani and Taurama campuses due to the increased activities by some students that borders on criminality.

“Police is called upon to perform its constitutional duty to protect lives and properties, and will discharge this accordingly at the University of Papua New Guinea as well.”

The statement was met with frustration from the student body.

Parkop tells student leaders to see PM themselves

“This is the means by which they agreed to pursue their demands. An opportunity was given to them last week and they turned it down. It was consistent too with their demand that the Prime Minister or ‘his representative’ receive their petition.

“By reneging on their own position, the students have shown lack of sincerity in their cause. I encourage them to allow the petition to be received on behalf of the Prime Minister or be delivered by a committee of the students and allow the Prime Minister time to consider and reply.”

Parkop commends UPNG students for peaceful protest

This was what NCD Governor Powes Parkop said in a statement released yesterday.
“I also appreciate their commitment to keep their protest or boycott of classes peaceful and orderly and within the confines of the campus last week. It was important for their credibility and for the intent of their protest and also for the higher good of our city and our country.

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UPNG students still continue boycotting of classes

Though doors to lecture rooms at the University of Papua New Guinea have been opened, students are still refusing to attend classes.

Police will not allow student protest, says Andrews

UPNG students still continue boycotting of classes

A second year law student, who did not want to be named, told Loop PNG today that as per the advice of the academic senate, the student representative council has ensured that all the lecture room doors are open.

“But the rooms are empty. The students have decided not to attend classes today.”

A similar situation is happening at the School of Medical and Health Sciences at Three-Mile.

A medical student told Loop PNG: “There’s also a sit-in protest here at the Medical Faculty. We the students have made the decision ourselves to not attend classes.”

We will not march in protest, students say

Instead, they will be gathering at the Forum Square at 10am today in anticipation of the prime minister and police commissioner’s arrival.

Student representative council member Emelda Arabagali told Loop PNG that they will present their petition to the two parties at the main Waigani campus.

“Commissioner Gari Baki confirmed with us last night that he will be attending our rally today. We have not received any response from the Prime Minister’s Office yet,” the medical students’ leader stated.

UPNG students at Waigani campus threaten mass withdrawal

“Since the students are willing to bet their education on this issue, we call for the civil society and general public to support us,” SRC member Emelda Arabagali told Loop PNG this evening.

 “Our stance is not to change the Government or tell the Prime Minister to resign. We’re simply asking him to respect the integrity of the office and step aside to allow for questioning.

“As a citizen of this country, he is bound by the laws of this land. No one is above the law,” said the SRC representative.