NASA stop work is illegal, says UPNG admin

The voluntary withdrawal of teaching and assessment component of service by the members of the National Academic Staff Association (NASA) at the University of PNG is illegal.

UPNG Acting Chancellor Dr Nicholas Mann said today that the stop work by the staff is illegal as it is not properly sanctioned by the University and the Industrial Registrar.

The purpose of their planned withdrawal of teaching and assessment component of work is due to their outstanding 7.5 percent pay increment for all public servants, commencing in 2012.

Dr Mann said they’re in constant dialogue with responsible authorities and those concerned since 2013 and are working to resolve the issue.

Vice Chancellor Professor Albert Mellam added that at no stage has NASA informed the University Administration of their intention to conduct a stop work meetings during working hours.

The University Registrar Jennifer Popat said she has not received anything in writing from NASA regarding the proposed industrial action.

Popat said there has been no communication from the Industrial Registrar on this matter and added that the Industrial Registrar has confirmed that the current actions by NASA are illegal.

Popat denied the claims by the President of NASA that he had constantly been in contact with the Industrial Registrar.

The University is now seeking legal advice on this non-industrial matter.

A meeting of the Standing Committee of Council will be called to urgently recommend corrective actions based on legal advice.

Prof Mellam is calling on all staff to resume classes and continue their assessments as the administration is concerned that students will become victims of the illegal industrial action.

Quintina Naime