Security boost for NIP

PPC Felix Nebanat welcomed 42 PNG Defence Force personnel at the Kavieng Airport on Friday, July 1st.

The PPC voiced his confidence in the joint security forces.

“The arrival of the military is a manifestation of what I have been reiterating for the last couple of weeks about New Ireland having an equipped force for NATEL 2022,” he stated.

“It gives me peace of mind and great reassurance that the joint security force under my command is more than capable of running a safe, free, fair and transparent election.

Basic baton training for security guards

Aviset Security and Training Solutions trainer, Max Ananuka, who trained six Mainland Holdings security guards on the basic use of baton, said many firms were operating illegally without providing proper training to their static guards.

He said the security firms should comply with the National Securities Authority bylaws.

Security exercise progressing for PNGDF

Colonel Opa Lari, Deputy Commander of the Joint Security Task Force, says all the agencies are at the end of the planning stage and are now into preparatory stages.

The Col explained that the exercise rehearsals will see them trial out their main operational plans, adding that the defence force will be providing capabilities that are not vested with the police.

PNG’s borders will be well taken care of: PNGDF

Yesterday (April 23) the media had another opportunity to raise more questions on the country’s security capabilities and arrangements.

They were assured that the support PNG is being given by international partners in this capacity continues to strengthen with every confidence PNG’s borders will be well taken care of come November.

Chief of Force Preparation with the PNG Defence Force, Colonel Siale Diro, made the assurance in the media briefing on APEC activities yesterday.

Concern over police presence in public areas

All vendors are also being removed from public places, such as in front of shopping centres and bus stops. 

However, some residents deemed this exercise unusual.

Many have expressed concern that the intimidating police presence and the removal of vendors may increase petty crimes in non-guarded areas. 

But the metropolitan superintendent, Perou N’Dranou, has given the assurance that this is nothing new.

He said there are laws in place for vending in public places and what his team is doing is in line with this.

APEC security preparations going well

While more training is planned for this year before the month of November, Police Commissioner Gari Baki and the Commanding Officer of the 1st Royal Pacific Islands Regiment say they will be ready.

1RPIR Commanding Officer, Lieutenant Colonel Boniface Aruma, says: “We started training for APEC preparations last year. Towards the end of last year we culminated with a conventional exercise.

VIDEO: Hides Security update

Prime Minister Peter O'Neill told this newsroom that the number of security forces will increase in the next few days.

His response came after Shadow Minister for Democratic Institutions and the Rule of Law Kerenga Kua released a statement claiming that O'Neill must be blamed for the lawlessness behavior happening in Southern Highlands and Hela Provinces.

Kua claimed that regular incidents of violence and lawlessness are taking place in these two provinces, without the lack of government supervised interventions.

Security a concern for Tourism

Speaking at the Ready China Workshop on Wednesday, Commercial Counsellor of the Chinese Embassy to PNG Liu Linlin, said PNG can offer Chinese Tourists new experiences from the rest of the world.

However, this can only be achievable if PNG improves its security issue.

Counsellor Linlin informed tourism stakeholders today that millions of Chinese tourists have travelled various parts of the world and are continually looking for new experiences.

He said PNG offers that however several key areas need to be addressed. The most important being security.

PPC Manus commends security personnel

He said the mobile squad on Quick Response Force will remain in the province till the end of the month while other security personnel have been stood down from the election security operations.

PPC Yapu revealed that all polling allowances have been paid, however, their only issue is the counting allowances.

The security personnel’s allowance issue was taken up with the police headquarters and also with Police Commissioner Gari Baki whilst he was in Manus to observe the election.

​Tight security at Mendi counting centre

Everyone, regardless of rankings and titles, have to go through thorough security checks before entering the counting centre.

Even the Provincial Election Manager, Philip Wakias, had to go through checks before entering; the same goes for media personnel.

Mobile phones, bags and cash exceeding K100 are not allowed into the counting centre.