PNG Defence Force

Joint Forces Prepare for Puk Puk Exercise

The delivery mission saw HMPNGS Cape Gloucester playing a vital role, rafting alongside ADV Reliant to efficiently receive the cargo, which included essential Australian Army vehicles, skillfully maneuvered using a crane. Once loaded, the cargo was ferried to the barge ramp and carefully transported to its designated location on Manus Island.

Talks pave way for recovery exercise

Secretary for Defence, Hari John Akipe, was recently in Honolulu, Hawai in US and visited the Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency (DPAA) to gain insights into their mission of locating and returning the remains of fallen American soldiers in PNG and other countries.

He was given a tour of the DPAA labs where remains are analyzed with the aim of identifying missing service members and providing answers to their families.

New info emerges on PMGH incident

The PNG Defence Force has retracted its earlier statement saying preliminary investigation revealed that the soldier alleged to have caused willful damages to medical equipment in the PMGH Emergency Ward, was a patient there. He was referred to PMGH A&E Department on the afternoon of Thursday 15 December. 

While they are awaiting a report from PMGH on circumstances surrounding the incident, hospital CEO Dr Paki Molumi said the incident occurred on the said date (15 December), between 3:15pm and 3:30pm.

Further violence quelled in Kuat

It was alleged that the fight was between supporters of the two candidates contesting the Finschhafen Open seat, and as a result, business houses were closed on Monday 20 June, for fear of violence escalating.

A section of PNGDF Engineers engaged in road construction in Finschhafen, together with members of a police unit responded and apprehended three suspects. The suspects are now in police custody.

LANPAC A Success

“One example of such training was APEC 2018 when bilateral partners came and trained PNGDF personnel to support Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary in delivering of APEC in respect to security of the leadership summit,” Major General Goina said.

“Another example of such training was deployment of PNGDF Force Elements to Solomon Islands in 2003 to quell civil unrest. PNGDF personnel were trained alongside Australian Defence Force and other Pacific Countries prior to deployment in Solomon Islands,” added Major General Goina.

Morobe police set for elections

Superintendent Singura said a number of meetings have already been held with stakeholders, and the provincial government will be assisting them to engage 70 PNG Defence Force soldiers from Igam Barracks and 20 Correctional Services officers from Buimo.

The extra personnel will boost the current manpower of 186 officers from the Morobe command.

“These are extra manpower that we need and I thank the provincial government and the Morobe provincial administration for the funding support of K3 million,” stated PPC Singura.

U.S and PNG Ship Rider Agreement

The agreement sees the United States and PNG partner to combat illegal maritime activity in PNG waters.

Steven Adler, Captain of the US Coast Guard Cutter Stratton, in an interview, stated that Cutter Stratton sailed to Port Moresby because the United States is concerned with the potential global instability caused by illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing in other maritime illicit activities.

‘Destination Igam’ Launched

The project, which was launched today in Lae, will ensure that PNG Defence Force personnel have a home to go to once they retire from service.

A groundbreaking ceremony for the K900 million ‘Destination Igam’ project was held today outside Igam Barracks.

Facilitated by Comrade Trustee Services, statutory manager, Sitiveni Weleilakeba, described the event as a dream-come-true for PNG Defence Force Commander, Major General Gilbert Toropo, and retired colonel, Paul Mai.

PNGDF sergeants’ training underway

This was part of the sergeants’ training to qualify the next lot of platoon commanders.

A mock assault was staged in the heavy downpour on Monday afternoon where a combat team was tasked to provide security to Lae Urban and take control of vital assets.

That was the scenario that was laid out for PNG Defence Force personnel in collaboration with the Lae Metropolitan Command and St John Ambulance.

Goldie Barracks Infantry Wing senior instructor, Lieutenant Daniel Kakawi, said the idea was to secure the polling venue during elections.

K50 Million for PNGDF

The Prime Minister made this announcement at the handover ceremony of the Casa aircraft engine earlier this week.

He stated that his government is in the process of restructuring the country’s Defence Force into a force that could assist in building the country with the assets and the infrastructure that is required.  

“Our own government will put in K50 million this year and next year to make sure our two aircrafts are working and flying and to ensure the helicopter is lifted.