Colonel Siale Diro

1RPIR unveils motto, values

The soldiers were reminded by their commanding officer to be a reflection of these values.

Soldiers of the First Royal Pacific Islands Regiment gathered at the entrance of Taurama Barracks where the motto and values have been put on signboards.

PNGDF Chief of Force Preparation, Colonel Siale Diro, and Lalokau FM’s Garry Tauna unveiled the motto and the values in front of the soldiers. 

Tauna’s involvement in the program was a sign of respect to the Motu-Koitabu people whose land the barracks sits on.

He was also instrumental in translating the motto.

PNG’s borders will be well taken care of: PNGDF

Yesterday (April 23) the media had another opportunity to raise more questions on the country’s security capabilities and arrangements.

They were assured that the support PNG is being given by international partners in this capacity continues to strengthen with every confidence PNG’s borders will be well taken care of come November.

Chief of Force Preparation with the PNG Defence Force, Colonel Siale Diro, made the assurance in the media briefing on APEC activities yesterday.

PNGDF aircraft grounded indefinitely: Diro

The Papua New Guinea Defence Force’s lone medium range twin engine aircraft, CASA CN 235-100M is still undergoing maintenance and will be grounded for an indefinite period.

Confirmed by PNGDF Chief of Force Preparation, Colonel Siale Diro yesterday, the aircraft will remain grounded as it goes through a thorough prerequisite check.

“CASA is currently going through a maintenance requirement check,” he said.

Colonel Diro said they are in liaison and close consultation with CASA PNG to make unsurpassed efforts to have CASA operational as soon as possible.

PNGDF stresses on sound mind, body

That was the message reiterated by PNG Defence Force Chief of Operations, Colonel Siale Diro, when recently announcing another year of commitment to physical fitness.

It was a dull day and only a handful of PNGDF personnel from the headquarters turned up in their sporting attire to kick off another year of improving physical fitness.

Even though most of these men and women are engaged in office work, being in a military institution means physical fitness should be second nature.

This was emphasised by Colonel Diro.

Defence Force units in place for FIFA

Hence the need to upgrade, and maintain its responsive tactical teams in the event that it is called on to provide “on-the-ground” assistant to the normal security response from police.

PNGDF Commander Brigadier General Gilbert Toropo says the army is working alongside its military bilateral and multilateral partners such as Australia, New Zealand and the United States.

 Toropo says that training for such a specialised reconnaissance unit has been years in the making for the force in anticipation for FIFA, Election and APEC needs.