Security boost for NIP

New Ireland’s Provincial Police Commander said the arrival of military and Correctional Services personnel has given him peace of mind and great assurance.

PPC Felix Nebanat welcomed 42 PNG Defence Force personnel at the Kavieng Airport on Friday, July 1st.

The PPC voiced his confidence in the joint security forces.

“The arrival of the military is a manifestation of what I have been reiterating for the last couple of weeks about New Ireland having an equipped force for NATEL 2022,” he stated.

“It gives me peace of mind and great reassurance that the joint security force under my command is more than capable of running a safe, free, fair and transparent election.

“In saying so, you as a New Irelander can be rest assured that your safety and freedom of choice to practice your basic democratic right to choose your leader is guaranteed.

“All in all, it has been a successful ‘pre-election ops’ and we are more than ready to go into the election proper.

“We are now on ‘high speed ops’.

“New Ireland goes into polls on Monday 4th July, and will run until Friday the 8th.”

Carmella Gware