Gerehu Police Station Commander

Beware of carjackers!

This comes after a number of recent attempts of carjacking and holdup in the suburbs.

Gerehu police station commander, Robert Kurei, said the number of hold ups and carjacking has increased during this election period.

Most of these incidents happen when families are trying to drive into their residence or driving out.

“These men are doing this right at our doorsteps now and we urge residents to take a little more extra care during this time.”

Criminals are using the opportunity to their advantage when a lot is happening during the election period.

Disputed relationship leaves three injured

According to Gerehu Police, the couple had been going out a few years back and had a child but the relationship later broke up because the woman’s relatives disapproved of the man.

The couple had lost contact until recently, after the woman had joined the Bomana Police Training College. This was when the man allegedly started pursuing her into having a relationship with him again.

According to the woman’s statement, their families then agreed to sit together and discuss the matter, which they also brought to the attention of the police.