Suspect arrested in former Lands officer’s shooting

A suspect has been arrested over the shooting of a former Lands officer outside his Port Moresby home last month.

Daniel Katakumb, from East Sepik Province, was shot by criminals during a carjacking at Henao Drive.

NCD metropolitan superintendent, Perou N’Dranou, said while there are 4 suspects, only one has been arrested and charged with wilful murder.

The Criminal Investigation Division is still working on the case.

Meanwhile, the crime rate in the nation’s capital has seen a relentless number of reports on armed holdups and stolen motor vehicles.

Statistics from last week’s crime report had 14 cases reported of armed holdup and stolen motor vehicle; three cases of sexual offence (2 rape and 1 attempted rape) and three homicide cases of suspicious deaths.

Though carjacking has showed no sign of slowing down, at the end of the day, it boils down to both the driver and passenger to exercise caution when out on the road.

Here are a few safety tips from the office of the Director, Traffic Operations, NCD, Joseph K Joe:

  • On your way home, if you notice you’re being followed by another vehicle, don’t stop…continue on
  • If you see any suspicious person standing or sitting in front or on either sides of your gate, don't stop… continue on
  • If you see a suspicious vehicle parked at your gate or to the side, don't stop…continue on
  • Always follow your instinct. If you think something is not right at your gate, drive by first and just observe, before driving in
  • If you have someone at home, call and inform them to open the gate for you
  • Avoid hot spot areas in the city where possible suspects of car theft frequent
  • There are workshops in town that install tracking devices which car owners can track and immobilise their vehicle by using their mobile phones…it will help in time of need

Director Joe also warns that vehicles most targeted by criminals are CRV, Lexus and Harrier, with tinted glasses.

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Carmella Gware