Women in politics

15 women contest Central seats

Fifteen women are contesting seats in Central Province.

Election Manager Peter Malaifeope shared that this is more female candidates in this election, compared to previous elections.

Forty two candidates are contesting Rigo Open, three of whom are women. Kairuku Open with 34 candidates with the inclusion of seven female candidates. Hiri/Koiari has 35 candidates, one being female. Goilala Open has 38 candidates with the inclusion of one female candidate. Abau Open has 25 candidates, all men, and Central Provincial Seat registered 22 candidates, 3 are women.

14 Women Contest Madang Seats

Provincial Election Manager Sponsa Navi said the 14 women are locals from the six Madang districts.

Navi said of the 14, four are contesting the Madang Open seat, one for Usino Bundi Open, three for Rai Coast, one for Sumkar and three will be contesting the provincial seat. He said the only electorate that has no woman candidate is Bogia.

Mr Navi said after nominations had closed, two decided to withdraw, bringing the total to 315.

ARoB boasts 5 women MPs

Autonomous Region of Bougainville President, Ishmael Toroama, when congratulating the new Mahari Constituency MP, said, “This is indeed very unique and shows our people’s ability to see beyond gender, creed and ethnicity.”

“She joins the new crop of leaders in the Fourth House who are all working hard and working together for us to realise our ultimate political goal of independence.

Dr Gelu Wants More Women In Parliament

Registrar for Political Parties, Dr Alphonse Gelu, made this known during the National Forum for Aspiring Women Leaders in Alotau recently. 

“We know that women are more likely to be elected if they have the support of the resources and networks of a political party. We therefore need political parties to see the value of endorsing women candidates,” said Dr Gelu.

Women urged to support each other

In a panel discussion during the Business and Professional Women’s club breakfast last week, women were urged to support one another in order to succeed in elections.

Ruth Undi, the Founder and President of Mama-Halipim-Mama Inc, said as a businesswoman, funding is not the problem.

She echoed that women must start networking with one another if they plan to stand for the 2022 general elections.

“You have to build your foundation; you have to connect with other sisters if you want to stand for election,” Undi stated.

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Gamato apologises to late Kalpa’s families

Electoral Commissioner Patilias Gamato has conveyed apologies to the immediate family, relatives and friends of the late Peter Kalpa, who was the initial appointed and gazetted Returning Officer for Gumine.



Woman candidate speaks of challenges

Woman candidate speaks of challenges

She was the highest polling woman candidate, with 33,221 votes, placing her in third place.

Speaking in a joint conference between the United Nations Development Programme, the Registrar of Political Parties and the Ombudsman Commission, Ms Peter said there were four main challenges for woman candidates in PNG.

First was the perception of many Papua New Guineans that politics is a man’s world and that all women are ill-equipped to be effective political leaders.

Weiang optimistic in upcoming elections

Weiang shared this sentiment after attending week long PNG Practice Parliament Session for Women 2017 recently.

 Weiang, a law graduate with a colourful private sector experience will bring with her many skills in business into the world of PNG politics as elections nears this year.

The PNG Practice Parliament Session for Women 2017 was conducted by UNDP, the National Parliament and the Office of Integrity of Political Parties and Candidates.

Women in Politics meet in Samoa

The aim of the roundtables is to inform voters regarding the candidates and the electoral process. The first show, with women candidates, will be aired on TV3 at 8:30pm tonight, and also next Sunday, February 28. 

Leasiolagi Dr. Meleisea Malama Meleisea, Director of CSS, facilitated the discussion between the four panel guests: Fiso Evelini Taupa'u Fa'amoe, Aiolupotea Ta'atiti Visekota Peteru, Pulemagafa Toleafoa Ulugia Mara Coffin Hunter and Her Highness Masiofo Filifilia Tamasese.

Soso encourages support for intending women candidates


Speaking on the Tanim Graun panel this month, Soso said women bring the qualities of a mother to the task of service delivery.

“We need to have more women in parliament, and we need to have more women in the public administration positions at the senior levels.

“We need more women up there because women - we are transparent, we are accountable, and we believe in good governance, and that’s what our nation needs,” said Soso.

Soso said women in parliament are like mothers who always manage to feed extra guests from their cooking pot.