Julie Soso

Women needed in Parlt, Dr Gelu

He challenged women leaders in the province to support each other in the country’s next National General Elections in 2022. 

Dr Gelu utilized the opportunity to advocate for women to step forward to contest in the coming elections. He said it is important that women have a voice in Parliament. He said women currently represent at the ward, president, and local level governments but are still not represented consistently in Parliament.

Court year in review- Governors in court

Western Governor Ati Wobiro is serving a prison term of 10 years for misappropriation after he was sentenced on Nov 18.

He was convicted on July 26 for conspiring with two others to establish the Fly Care Foundation between January 1 and December 30, 2013, by using over K7m funding from the provincial government.

He has since filed an appeal in the Supreme Court against his conviction and sentence and the matter is pending in court.

Barola youths surrender guns for coffee

Barola is a name anyone travelling up the Highlands highway would think twice before passing the area, especially at nights, as it is known for its numerous hold ups and carjacking activities over the recent years.

The fear of the area Barolla hill, as a notorious hideout for criminal activities, has left a bad impression to the mindsets of the government, law enforcers and the public, resulting in less development in the area.

Court restrains Soso, PEC

The Waigani National Court granted the interim orders yesterday afternoon after the sidelined Eastern Highlands Provincial Administrator Solomon Tato filed a notice of motion that was heard ex-parte.

Acting Judge Danjo Koeget when presiding over the matter also ordered that Tato immediately resume office as the Eastern Highlands Provincial Administrator as the substantive Provincial Administrator forthwith pending the determination of the substantive matter.

Soso encourages support for intending women candidates


Speaking on the Tanim Graun panel this month, Soso said women bring the qualities of a mother to the task of service delivery.

“We need to have more women in parliament, and we need to have more women in the public administration positions at the senior levels.

“We need more women up there because women - we are transparent, we are accountable, and we believe in good governance, and that’s what our nation needs,” said Soso.

Soso said women in parliament are like mothers who always manage to feed extra guests from their cooking pot.