15 women contest Central seats

The 2022 National Elections in Central Province has been going well with no major incidents or issues.

Fifteen women are contesting seats in Central Province.

Election Manager Peter Malaifeope shared that this is more female candidates in this election, compared to previous elections.

Forty two candidates are contesting Rigo Open, three of whom are women. Kairuku Open with 34 candidates with the inclusion of seven female candidates. Hiri/Koiari has 35 candidates, one being female. Goilala Open has 38 candidates with the inclusion of one female candidate. Abau Open has 25 candidates, all men, and Central Provincial Seat registered 22 candidates, 3 are women.

Malaifeope said his team is now checking the quality of the nomination forms before it is checked again by officers at the Electoral Commission for further processing.

“Central Province one of the peaceful provinces in the country. We expect candidates to demonstrate quality leadership, control the supporters so that nothing goes wrong during the polling and counting. My appeal is to all the candidates and everyone to take ownership of this election so that we will see an orderly and peaceful election.”

Jasmine Iru