Soso encourages support for intending women candidates

Eastern Highlands Governor, Julie Soso is urging the women to support PNG women seeking political office in 2017.


Speaking on the Tanim Graun panel this month, Soso said women bring the qualities of a mother to the task of service delivery.

“We need to have more women in parliament, and we need to have more women in the public administration positions at the senior levels.

“We need more women up there because women - we are transparent, we are accountable, and we believe in good governance, and that’s what our nation needs,” said Soso.

Soso said women in parliament are like mothers who always manage to feed extra guests from their cooking pot.

“They have the heart to give, and serve and share with so many,” she says.

The Tanim Graun event will be aired tonight on EMTV at 9pm.

It will mark the 16 days of activism Against Gender-Based Violence.

One of the focus questions is “Is life improving for the women of Papua New Guinea?

Troy Taule