Ruth Undi

Female Vies For SHP Top Post

The Southern Highlands provincial electoral manager, Aluwin Jimmy opened the nominations for candidates on Thursday 19th May.

Undi a businesswoman, became the first woman candidate to nominate on Thursday at 10:37 am at the Mendi police station vying for the Governor’s seat.

“I, Aluwin Jimmy Provincial Returning Officer and Manager for Southern Highlands, officially, want to announce to you all that I officially opened these nominations today,” he said.

Mama Group Visits Kauwo Village

Nearly 500 women braved the rain to meet Ruth Undi, while she journeys on her evaluation trip of Mama Halpim Mama Foundation’s investment, from the K1million she invested 10 years ago. 

Women came as far as Poloko, Takuru and surrounding villagers in West Pangia.

More than 37 councilors from the Siwi Uteme, Tankiki, Ekai Makai, Rakili Rakili, tribes in the Imbonggu and Ialibu Pangia districts showed their support for the Mama Halpim Mama program.

Foundation Invests In Kagua-Erave

End of last year, the Foundation invested K10,000 to establish a  resource centre for women in the Kagua-Erave district. Last weekend, Founder Ruth Undi returned to evaluate the outcome of this investment. 

“I come here to see what you have done with the seed that I planted with you women. Did the mothers plant the seeds I left here or not?” Undi queried.

Mama Halipim Mama in Kutubu

The women group were able to save during a year and presented the funds to MHM Founder Ruth Undi at Daga village, Pimaga Station on Thursday 10 February 2022.

Mrs Undi expressed gratitude to the women who welcomed the foundation with open arms into their community and lives. She emphasized on the work of the non-profit she heads.

K20,000 For Bridges

Both bridges connect the Yamala and Kewabi LLG of Ialibu District in Southern Highland Province.

The support for the construction comes about due to lack of will from the district development authorities of Imbonggu and Ialibu-Pangia, since the bridges are situated near the border, the local authorities are divided on whose shoulder the responsibility should fall on.

SHP Districts Need Safe Houses

SHP Women Advocacy Plan

For months, dedicated advocate for women’s rights, Janet Nisa, traveled from one end of the province to the other, to garner support and mobilize women to attend the presentation of the SHP Women’s Advocacy Action Plan to the SHP Provincial Government on the International Day of Elimination of Violence Against Women (EVAW).

The program was supported by businesswoman and founder of Mama Halipim Mama Foundation (MHM) Ruth Undi, and UN Women.

Ruth Undi said, “I believe that the SHP Women Advocacy Plan, once implemented, will address all forms of violence against women.”

Women urged to support each other

In a panel discussion during the Business and Professional Women’s club breakfast last week, women were urged to support one another in order to succeed in elections.

Ruth Undi, the Founder and President of Mama-Halipim-Mama Inc, said as a businesswoman, funding is not the problem.

She echoed that women must start networking with one another if they plan to stand for the 2022 general elections.

“You have to build your foundation; you have to connect with other sisters if you want to stand for election,” Undi stated.

First flight for over 30,000 local women

The vegetables will be sold at Stop N Shop outlets in the nation’s capital.

The women from Ialibu-Pangia, Imbonggu, Kagua-Erave in Southern Highlands Province and Tambul-Nebilyer District in Western Highlands Province are members of the Mama Halipim Mama Foundation.

Through this Foundation, the rural mothers are now financially empowered and realising their dreams.