Mama Group Visits Kauwo Village

Mama Halpim Mama Foundation Founder, Ruth Undi continues her trip throughout the Southern Highlands Province investing into women’s economic and social empowerment, this time setting foot in Kauwo village.

Nearly 500 women braved the rain to meet Ruth Undi, while she journeys on her evaluation trip of Mama Halpim Mama Foundation’s investment, from the K1million she invested 10 years ago. 

Women came as far as Poloko, Takuru and surrounding villagers in West Pangia.

More than 37 councilors from the Siwi Uteme, Tankiki, Ekai Makai, Rakili Rakili, tribes in the Imbonggu and Ialibu Pangia districts showed their support for the Mama Halpim Mama program.

In a show of transformation from the investment, women dancers dressed in men’s attire came forward to welcome Ruth Undi and her delegation including councilors from Siwi Uteme, Tankiki and Eai Makai council wards from the Imbonggu and Ialibu Pangia districts.

Kauwo woman leader in response said to children and fathers acknowledge the change that made her bold enough to pick up a microphone and speak to such a crowd including men and boys.

Following their motto ‘one voice, one action, one purpose’, the women acknowledged Ruth Undi and Mama Halpim Mama Foundation for assisting them.

“This journey in Southern Highlands is for me to see what has happened to the seeds that I had planted. Have they germinated and progressed or not? There is a season for harvest and it will come. I want to see this seed that I planted in each women to be fruitful,” said Mrs Undi.

The women presented bilums with K1500 cash to indicate that they had done something with the money that she invested in them.

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