Dr Alphonse Gelu

Hold your party conventions: Gelu

He said the party conventions will allow them to discuss vital party issues.

“Parties are required to hold their party conventions after a general election. So far only two parties have done that (The National Alliance and Social Democratic Party).”

He encourages parties to also focus on registering more members.

“This is a call I’ve been making every now and then; a party cannot survive without its members. This is critical to the survival of any political party. So membership is very important.”

Political Parties Expo planned

The activities include raising awareness through expos, conducting workshops and mentoring programs.

The ultimate aim is to strengthen the system of parliamentary democracy and the party system in the country.

The registry will conduct nationwide awareness on political parties, a mentoring program for respective political parties and run learning and development workshops in 2021 to prepare the parties for the 2022 national election.

A new initiative that the Registry undertakes is the Political Parties Expo.

Submit returns or pay K5,000 fine: Gelu

Dr Gelu said this upon receiving acquittals from the PNG National Party after the 2017 National General Elections.

He said it is important for parties and winning candidates to submit their financial returns within three months after the date they were declared.

Gelu explains that this is a requirement under sections 88 and 89 of the Organic Law on the Integrity of Political Parties and Candidates.

PNG National Party General Secretary, Dick Wama, presented the party’s national election report and acquittals on Friday to the Registrar of Political Parties.

MOU to improve female political participation

The Registrar of Political Parties, Dr Alphonse Gelu, said the outcome of the 2017 National Election indicates that more has to be done to address inequalities in leadership.

The MoU is a long term commitment and is vital to strengthen the registry’s ability to support women candidates and pool political parties’ support for women.

Officiating at the signing, Dean of the College of Asia and the Pacific, Professor Michael Wesley commended the 165 women who contested this year’s elections.

VIDEO: Gelu on Resignation of EAC

Speaking on TV Wans 2017 National Election program Dr Gelu said the resignation leaves the aspect of accountability of the Electoral Commission questionable.
Basically there is no Watch Dog over the Commission.
Dr Gelu says he understood where the team was coming from, given no baseline data has been made available to them.


Meredith Kuusa with more

Political parties prefer male candidates than women

Registrar of Political Parties Dr Alphonse Gelu said that is why less women are being endorsed by parties.     

 Dr Gelu said parties endorse candidates they think have big chances of winning.

“Political parties see that women have less chance compared to men. And we are trying to change that.”

Registrar of Political Parties said the concluded Parliament Practice was conducted with UNDP for potential women intending candidates is an avenue to promote women candidates.  

Only three female MPs are in this term of Parliament. 

PNG elections unconventional: Dr Gelu

Dr Gelu said it is influenced by the environment and culture of the people.  

“Our systems of elections in PNG are still very much influence by factors that are clearly unconventional, factors that are illegal and truly undemocratic.”

Dr Gelu was speaking on Tuesday, to journalists attending a media election training workshop conducted by the PNG Electoral Commission (PNGEC) and Australian Electoral Commission.        

He said the conduct of election is the core business of PNGEC.

Parties must hold conventions: Dr Gelu

The 2017 National Election writs will be issued in April, and 44 political parties will be endorsing candidates for the 111 seats in Parliament.     

Dr Gelu said parties cannot be seen as operating out of hotel rooms or under the trees.

“In convention, political parties will also endorse their plans. Campaign plans would allow the political parties to have a clear plan on how they would approach the election. The campaign plans would include things such as the messages, policies, campaign schedules, finance, and so on. 

Gelu welcomes 10 new political parties into the arena

The 10 parties invited to present their four main party policies where; Paradise Kingdom Party (PKP), PNG Socialist Party (PNGSP), PNG One Nation Party (PNGONP), PNG First Party (PNGFP), Model Nation Party (MNP), Trust PNG Party (TPNGP), PNG Youths Party, PNG Human Rights Party (PNGHRP), Nations Interest Party, and PNG Wantok in Godly Services Party (WINGS).

Party officials who attended were PNGSP, PNGONP, PNGHRP, PKP, TPNGP, PNGFP, MNP and WINGS.             

Political parties’ forum to be hosted

The issue of Writs for the 2017 National Elections will be issued on April 20.

The forum will be held twice a week this month, and will be open to the general public.

An official announcement will be made by the country’s think tank today.

A total of 19 political parties have representation in the current Parliament, and with the elections less than 2 months away, many deregistered and new parties have registered with the Political Parties and Candidates Commission.