PNG Party Policies

General Secretary for the PNG Party Inc Kila Poka, spoke at the PNG National Research Institute’s (PNG NRI) 8th seminar on Policies of Political Parties. Poka highlighted PNG Party’s policy platforms.

The party’s three policy platforms are:

  1. God First,
  2. Integral Human Development, and
  3. Zero Tolerance on Corruption

PNG Party’s ‘God First’ platform would ensure that 10% of the national budget would best serve the churches in the country. Their reasoning, ‘Where there are no government services, the church is always there to uphold the need of the people’.

Poka said that this helps churches to participate in helping people by better providing necessary needs in the area where government services are lacking and address issues relating to law and order, literacy and education, and the need for health services in remote rural areas.

He explained the party’s policy of ‘Integral Human Development saying, saying that all aspects of human needs must be provided to empower a human being to access clean water and good services of health, education and transport.

“We believe that when we develop a wealthy and healthy family, they will be proactive in our nation building,” said Poka.

In regard to its third policy on ‘Zero tolerance on corruption’, the party plans to pursue an electronic government approach as they believe would allow for more transparency at all levels of government, curb corruption, monitor facts of expenditure and replace the ‘middle man’.

Former Prime Minister and leader of People’s Democratic Movement, late Sir Mekere Morauta, along with Minister for Community Development Wake Goi, founded PNG Party in 2007. Since its establishment, the party has won eight out of 109 seats in the 2007 national general elections.

In 2010, late Sir Mekere stood down from leadership. Leader of Opposition and Member for Vanimo-Green Belden Namah was elected to succeed as party leader.

In its 14-year history, the party had one Prime Minister, one Deputy Prime Minister and three leaders of the Opposition.

Marysila Kellerton