Political Parties Expo

Tribal law will be enacted, Juffa warns

He said as a customary landowner and the leader of his Province, he has the right to enact tribal law.

The Governor said this during the Political Party Expo on Saturday (Nov 25).

In a fired up speech, Juffa called on Papua New Guineans to protect their land from any form of corruption and greed. And that includes implementing tribal law.

Political Parties Expo planned

The activities include raising awareness through expos, conducting workshops and mentoring programs.

The ultimate aim is to strengthen the system of parliamentary democracy and the party system in the country.

The registry will conduct nationwide awareness on political parties, a mentoring program for respective political parties and run learning and development workshops in 2021 to prepare the parties for the 2022 national election.

A new initiative that the Registry undertakes is the Political Parties Expo.