Political parties prefer male candidates than women

Many political parties see that male candidates have more chances of winning a seat in the National Elections than women.

Registrar of Political Parties Dr Alphonse Gelu said that is why less women are being endorsed by parties.     

 Dr Gelu said parties endorse candidates they think have big chances of winning.

“Political parties see that women have less chance compared to men. And we are trying to change that.”

Registrar of Political Parties said the concluded Parliament Practice was conducted with UNDP for potential women intending candidates is an avenue to promote women candidates.  

Only three female MPs are in this term of Parliament. 

Meanwhile, Dr Gelu said is a criminal offence and must be reported to Police for investigation and prosecution.

“Early campaigning is a criminal offence and must be reported to police. It is not within the jurisdiction PNG Electoral Commission and Integrity Political Parties and Candidates Commission.”

Charles Yapumi