Dr Osborne Sanida

Upfront agreement on referendum outcome needed

They also recommend that that these steps to be documented and signed off so that the people are clear about how the outcome will be implemented before the vote.

PNG National Research Institute (NRI) Director, Dr Osborne Sanida, said this during the recent launching of the report.

NRI appoints new director

After going through the recruitment process, as per the provisions of the NRI Act 1975 and the Public Service Management Act, the NRI Council is pleased to announce that Dr Osborne Sanida is now appointed Director of PNG NRI.

Dr Sanida was performing in an acting capacity since April 2017, with the departure of former Director Dr Charles Yala.

He is a seasoned academic and policy researcher and has proven himself capable in managing the affairs of the Institute while in an acting capacity.

Dr Osborne Sanida appointed as PNG NRI Acting Director

Dr Yala left the Institute on April 7, 2017 due to personal reasons.

He was Director since mid-2015 and leaves having had a 22-year association with the Institute since graduating with the University of PNG.

The NRI Council appointed Dr Sanida, who took over as Acting Director from April 10, 2017, until a permanent appointment is made.

Dr Sanida acknowledged the very important contributions of Dr Yala to the PNG NRI and the country, not only in his role as Director, but also in his time as a researcher and policy advocate.