Bad policing creates conflicts: Researcher

Dr Elizabeth Kopel, a Senior Research Fellow and Program Leader with the Informal Economy Research Program, at the  PNG National Research Institute made this remarks on her research paper released recently.

Dr Elizabeth Kopel, a senior researcher at the National Research Institute says there have been ongoing complaints on mainstream and social media that police in some areas are not permitting transportation of fresh food and other goods, confiscate or destroy produce, or at times collect fees for allowing access through check points.

Inclusive growth among APEC economies

Chairman Dr Osbourne Sanida simplified this by saying it is about how more and more people can be engaged in the production of goods and services for economic growth.

Dr Sanida, when addressing the delegates, called for team work from all APEC economies as ‘no economy is an island’.

He said all economies are connected and through digital innovations, we can achieve inclusive economic growth in the region.

“When talking about connectivity we must note that Papua New Guinea, as with any other APEC economy, is not an island.

NRI appoints new director

After going through the recruitment process, as per the provisions of the NRI Act 1975 and the Public Service Management Act, the NRI Council is pleased to announce that Dr Osborne Sanida is now appointed Director of PNG NRI.

Dr Sanida was performing in an acting capacity since April 2017, with the departure of former Director Dr Charles Yala.

He is a seasoned academic and policy researcher and has proven himself capable in managing the affairs of the Institute while in an acting capacity.

APEC Study Center established strategically

In a coffee-meet today at the PNG NRI, presentations were made on the strategic role of the research programs in supporting requests for research and policy development on APEC related matters. 

Dr. Sanida said the meet was held in light of the preparations towards hosting the APEC Study Centre (ASC) Consortium Conference that will be held in May next year, 2018.

The ASC Consortium Conference is an annual conference hosted by ACS’s in the APEC Host Economy for that year.

APEC Study Centre awareness meet

Presenting at the meet will be Acting Director, Dr. Osborne Sanida who will address all staff on the strategic establishment of the study center at PNG NRI.

This comprises the strategic role of the research programs in supporting requests for research and policy development on APEC related matters. 

ASC Manager, Ravu Verenagi and Senior Program Director, Martin Aspin will be discussing the progress and plans for ASC, the APEC Study Center Consortium Conference 2018 and other developments on matters related to the ASC.

Lessons taken from the Duran Farm Housing Project

The lack of trunk infrastructure constrains affordable housing and this has been a major challenge for the government of PNG, especially in cities like Lae and Port Moresby.

These were lessons learnt from the Duran Farm Housing Project in Port Moresby, as stated by National Research Institute, Associate Professor, Eugene Ezebilo and Logea Nao.

Stakeholders being important key players were also invited to discuss potential strategy to moving Duran Farm Housing Farm Project forward.

VIDEO: Domestic Violence Policy launched

The policy aims to improve the lives and welfare of its staff and family members living in its campus. 


Salome Vincent with more 

NRI to launch Domestic Violence policy

PNG NRI Human Resource Manager Stephanie Manas said the core message of the policy is that domestic violence is everybody’s business.

The new PNG NRI Domestic Violence Policy is underpinned by three core principles:

1. The protection of PNG NRI staff and their families is a paramount priority of the Institute;

2. PNG NRI has a holistic view of domestic violence, recognising that it destroys families and devastates communities; and

NRI: Disaster offices need more funding

This was highlighted in a research report produced by the PNG National Research Institute, titled ‘Adverse Impacts Of Climate Change in Papua New Guinea: Are we ready to adapt and manage disasters?’

The research paper was written by PNG NRI’s associate Professor Eugene Ezebilo and Maureen Thomas.

The aim of the research was to examine the preparedness of PNG to adapt to climate change and manage natural disasters using drought and frost incidence of 2015 as a case.

NRI Director Charles Yala farewelled

Dr Yala has been Director since mid-2015 and leaves having had a 22-year association with the Institute since graduating with the University of PNG.

Dr Yala has made significant contributions to the work of the Institute both as Director and as a researcher.

His work in the land reform area has been pioneering coinciding with the work of the National Land Development Program since 2005.

He has contributed to various policy research, advice and commentaries on important issues.