14 Women Contest Madang Seats

Fourteen women are amongst 315 candidates contesting the seven seats in Madang Province.

Provincial Election Manager Sponsa Navi said the 14 women are locals from the six Madang districts.

Navi said of the 14, four are contesting the Madang Open seat, one for Usino Bundi Open, three for Rai Coast, one for Sumkar and three will be contesting the provincial seat. He said the only electorate that has no woman candidate is Bogia.

Mr Navi said after nominations had closed, two decided to withdraw, bringing the total to 315.

Of the 315, Madang Open has 47 candidates. Bogia Open with 37, Rai Coast with the highest at 50 candidates, Usino Bundi with 36, Middle Ramu with 43, and Madang Regional has 40 candidates running for office.

Mr Navi added that the candidates are campaigning well with no reports of major incidents throughout Madang Province.

He urged everyone to work together for a peaceful election.

Sylvester Wemuru