William Duma

OTML lauded for top performance

Minister for State Owned Enterprises, William Duma congratulated the Managing Director & CEO of OTML, Kedi Ilimbit, his executive leadership team, the employees and contractors of OTML for an outstanding achievement of the highest monthly revenue in December 2023.

This comes after the company announced a record of K684 million in revenue generated during December 2023.

Minister hails purchase of LNG equity

Minister William Duma said: “I am glad that Kumul Petroleum has been able to raise sufficient funds for the purchase of an additional 2.6 percent interest in the PNG LNG Project from Santos.

“The acquisition of this additional equity increases PNG shareholding in this LNG Project, which will have a long-term benefit for the country.”

Minister Duma outlined that the PNG LNG Project had a long life – in fact, until 2065 – since the Papua LNG Project will use the existing PNG LNG Project plant to earn a tolling fee from processing gas from the forthcoming Papua LNG Project.

ADB loan not utilized

This was revealed by the Minister for State Enterprise William Duma after East Sepik Governor Alan Bird queried where the money was and why it was not used to address the ongoing power woes in the country including Wewak town.

Bird said Wewak town has been in the dark for 18 days now and wanted a short-term solution to the power problems there.

Providing a background of the situation on the ground, Bird said a total of six gen sets have failed with a new gen set not working. This has led to power blackouts affecting schools, hospitals, banks, etc.

Unserviceable aircrafts causing flight disruptions

As a result major adjustments have been made to flight schedules, leading to disruptions for our passengers traveling both domestically and internationally.

Acting Chief Executive Officer, Gary Seddon in a media statement said a team of highly skilled engineers and technicians are working tirelessly to rectify the issues and restore these aircraft to full operational capacity as soon as possible. 

Duma’s application on Hagen RO in court

However, lawyer presenting the PNG Electoral Commissioner Larsen Tanjun told Presiding Judge, Justice Joseph Yagi that he was not prepared to proceed.

“I need to obtain instructions from my client to file affidavits,” he said.

Lawyer representing Mr. Duma, Tumun Kuma said in another court proceeding filed by the EC regarding the appointment of the RO for Hagen Open, the Supreme Court allowed Willie Ropa to conduct the nominations for the open seat as the Returning Officer.

Duma responds to EMTV saga

Minister Duma said the decision to recruit, train, terminate or discipline EMTV employees are within the jurisdiction of the EMTV executive management. He made these remarks following a question raised by Loop PNG on whether the decision to suspend Dimara was a directive of the current government. 

Duma: I was decommissioned because of my views

Minister Duma said this at this morning’s Commission of Inquiry session.

Under section 99 and 100 of the Oil and Gas Act, the Minister for Petroleum and Energy authorizes transfers and deals.

“In a significant transaction like this, I could say that the Minister for Petroleum and Energy would have been required to give his considerations and views.  

"Prove allegations against Minister:" PM

He said these allegations need to be proven.

The allegations refer to K33million (US$10.3 million) payment by Horizon Oil to a PNG shell company for its 10 per cent interest in Petroleum Retention License (PRL) 21 made 10 years ago.

The Australian Financial Review articles questioned the role of William Duma, who was then Petroleum Minister, and private Lawyer, Simon Ketan, who then owned the company, Elevala Energy, which sold its shares to Horizon.

Police monitoring Horizon Oil allegations

The report by the Australian Financial Review (AFR) questioned the role of Commerce and Industry Minister, William Duma, when he was the Petroleum Minister in the Somare Government and private lawyer Simon Ketan.

In a statement issued on Friday, Police Commissioner David Manning, says they are closely following developments following the publication of the Australian Financial Review report over a week ago.

Marape, Duma back with Govt

He came with his team straight from Parliament.

Leader of United Resources Party, William Duma, and his team have also defected to the Crown camp.

The leaders are now in a meeting and will be calling a press conference soon.

Abau MP Sir Puka Temu was the first to cross the floor this morning to the Government benches after the confirmation of Peter O’Neill’s resignation as Prime Minister.

Meantime, Parliament will meet tomorrow to appoint a new Prime Minister.

More updates to come…