United Resources Party

Marape, Duma back with Govt

He came with his team straight from Parliament.

Leader of United Resources Party, William Duma, and his team have also defected to the Crown camp.

The leaders are now in a meeting and will be calling a press conference soon.

Abau MP Sir Puka Temu was the first to cross the floor this morning to the Government benches after the confirmation of Peter O’Neill’s resignation as Prime Minister.

Meantime, Parliament will meet tomorrow to appoint a new Prime Minister.

More updates to come…

Robert made trip to PNG with Palmer

The travel is not noted in any Finance Department entitlements reports posted online, but is on Mr Robert's parliamentary pecuniary interest register for the period as a gift from Mr Palmer's company Mineralogy.

Mr Robert was a shadow minister in the coalition opposition in 2012, but in 2013 became a minister in the Abbott government.

The Queensland MP quit the ministry last week as an investigation found he breached ministerial standards on a 2014 trip to China with friend and Liberal donor Paul Marks, who was sealing a mining deal.