Minister for State Owned Enterprises

Duma responds to EMTV saga

Minister Duma said the decision to recruit, train, terminate or discipline EMTV employees are within the jurisdiction of the EMTV executive management. He made these remarks following a question raised by Loop PNG on whether the decision to suspend Dimara was a directive of the current government. 

Duma responds to coal power project

Minister for State Owned Enterprises, William Duma, said this in a statement in response to recent comments made in the media by several national leaders in support of the coal fired power project in Morobe Province by Mayur Resources.

“PPL is reviewing its Power Plan for the Ramu Grid and investigating various types of power generation sources, including coal, to determine the least cost power generation solution that best meets the demand of current and future Ramu Grid customers and takes into account development such as Wafi-Golpu mine,” he said.

LO’s stake in Ramu 2 await finalization

The State and Ramu 2 Hydro Developer, Shenzen Company Limited, are finalizing discussions with the launching expected in November.

Under the agreement the State along with the Provinces of Eastern Highlands and Morobe, and Landowners will own 30% while Shenzen Energy has a 70% stake.

Minister for State Owned Enterprises, William Duma, says discussions with landowners and the Province have already commenced and they are awaiting the commercial agreement to be finalized.

K3 billion for Ramu 2 Project

This was revealed by developer, Shenzen Energy.

Shenzen Energy Group President, Pingyang Wang, and his team met with Minister for State Owned Enterprises, William Duma, and Kumul Consolidated Holdings Managing Director, Darren Young, as discussions on the Ramu 2 Hydro Project are being concluded.

Wang and his team have been in the country since Sunday meeting with the Prime Minister and major development partners such as Ramu Nico.

No jobs will be lost after merger: Duma

Duma was responding to questions raised by Rabaul MP Dr Allan Marat on allegations that staff will not be getting entitlements after the merger.

Dr Marat raised a series of questions, asking for clarification from the Minister responsible, William Duma.

He said mergers, unlike the current one, usually take a very long time so as to deal with issues that need to be properly settled.

He claimed that the merger is allowing outsiders to take over our national security.

Govt in no rush for permanent appointment: Duma

Minister Duma said while the NEC has announced for the position to be advertised, they are also monitoring the performance of the current managing director, Carolyn Blacklock.

He said any appointment will be made on merit and they will be considering all the best candidates to take over the role and to implement the government’s agenda to improvement power services in the country.

The Minister said this following the announcement of Peter Nupiri as chairman of PPL and Maureen Mori and Prashanti Shasti as directors of the board.