Jamie Pang

Duma responds to EMTV saga

Minister Duma said the decision to recruit, train, terminate or discipline EMTV employees are within the jurisdiction of the EMTV executive management. He made these remarks following a question raised by Loop PNG on whether the decision to suspend Dimara was a directive of the current government. 

State Solicitor Tasked To Review Decision

The Boroko District Court this week dismissed the drug charges against Jamie Pang on the basis that Methamphetamine was not described as a ‘dangerous drug’ under the Dangerous Drug Act.

Minister Kramer said he received the brief on this matter this morning and that Pang was taken into custody at the Immigration Detention Centre for breaching the country’s Immigration Laws.

“My department has received a brief. He (Jamie Pang) was taken into custody for breaching our immigration laws.

State Witnesses Give Evidence

Assistant Police Commissioner Operations, Donald Yamasombi, while giving evidence at Pang’s trial testified that during a search on the defendant’s residential premises on 16th November 2021, Pang apologized after police discovered a mini-meth lab in a room at the Sanctuary hotel.

Mr Yamasombi was among witnesses who gave evidence before Magistrate Garry Unjo at the Boroko District Court on Friday afternoon.

Pang Pleads Not Guilty To New Charges

He was arraigned at the Boroko District Court this afternoon.

The 43-year-old Australian was re-arrested on Tuesday, 7th December while on a K10,000 court bail for eleven charges for possession of illegal weapons.

For his re-arrest, Police say that the accused is charged with two counts of Making Dangerous Drugs and Possession of Dangerous under the Dangerous Drug Act.

On 16th November, Police allegedly busted a mini-Methamphetamine (Ice) Lab operated by Pang at the Sanctuary Hotel in Waigani.

Magistrate Unjo To Rule On Bail Application

Magistrate Garry Unjo said he needed time to go through the submissions before a decision is reached.

The Court is also expected to hear submissions of Pang’s sentencing.

The businessman pleaded guilty to 11 charges last week, three charges for being in possession of firearm without license, two charges for possession of firearm and six charges for possession of live ammunition.

Police said Pang was not charged for being in possession of methamphetamine, though there was overwhelming evidence, which police uncovered a mini meth lab operated by Pang.

Pang Pleads Guilty To Weapons Charge

Pang was slapped with a total of 11 charges, three charges for being in possession of firearm without license, two charges for possession of firearm and six charges for possession of live ammunition.

Magistrate Garry Unjo read his charges at the Boroko District Court this morning, where the accused admitted guilty to all charges.

On Tuesday, 16th of November, the Special Operation Saki Bomb consisting of RPNG and PNG Customs raided the hotel where they discovered a mini Methamphetamine lab and several firearms and ammunitions.

Police Bust Meth Lab In Hotel

Saki Bomb Operations team with assistance with Special Services Division and Water Police discovered these items and drug at the Sanctuary Hotel, Tuesday, 16th of November.  

Also known as meth, chalk, ice or Christmas tree are stimulants, a type of drug that lets people stay awake and do continuous activity with less need for sleep. These drugs are made as pills, powders, or chunky crystals called ice.

The mini meth Lab was operating out from a room belonging to Hotel’s Group Operations Manager, Jamie Pang.

Late Pidik was a true honest worker

Speaking this morning outside the Port Moresby General Hospital morgue, Pidik’s boss, Jamie Pang said Pidik was a true honest worker.

Pidik worked at the Betting Shop in the Properties and Maintenance section for over a year.

“He was one of the good guys. Pidik was a man who wanted to work and help support his family.

“This senseless violence must stop. It’s pointless violence. If you want to fight, join a kickboxing club or boxing club and go fight in the ring like a true professional.